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Has or have?

Fill in the correct alternative (has or have)

The Smiths family and their dog gone to Miami for a fortnight.
The grapes become ripe at last.
The director no choice but to shut down the factory.
A lot of people from poor countries emigrated.
The majority of immigrants come from Brazil.
An American usually some idea of where his or her ancestors came from.
Within the reservations, Native Americans the right to fish and hunt where they like.
Does he to walk around looking like that?
I’m not sure whether she children or not.
your father found himself a new job yet?
Do you know if my mother tried to call me?

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    Choose the sentence with correct use of the imperative sentence:
    A Close the window before you leave.
    B He wants to close the window.
    C She is closing the window behind her.
    D They are closing the window.