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Possessive Pronoun

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That watch is _______.

The house belongs to them. It’s ______.

The car belongs to my sister. It’s _____ .

This t-shirt belongs to me. It’s ______.

The doll belongs to my sister. It’s ________.

The cat belongs to our neighbours. It’s _________ .

This pen belongs to me and my brother. It’s _____.

I think these glasses belong to you. They’re _______ .

_______ was the biggest present.

I think my sister forgot _____ book.

The dog tried to bite _____ tail.

He wouldn’t let us pay although the fault was _____.

David and Jonathan were late for ______ class.

That house of ______ is very big.

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  • Answer to #3 is incorrect.  "Sister" is being referenced, therefore the answer should be "hers."
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