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Choose the Correct Preposition 1

This grammar self-assessment tutorial will get you familiar with the various prepositions in the English language, and will help you determine how to use it in a sentence.

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You are not allowed to drive _______ the age of eighteen.
This exercise is being done _______ me.
I am a good friend _______ David.
I am friends _______ Saul.
Water boils ______ 100 degrees.
Is there a grocery store ______ this street?
I am a homeless person and I live ______ the street.
Look ______ her now! She is not so sure anymore.
I will be there _____ ten minutes.
Her birthday was ______ Monday.
Your work should be handed in _____ time.
You shouldn’t be afraid _____ trying new things.
He’s very interested ______ music from the 1980s.

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