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Choose the correct preposition 3

This grammar self-assessment tutorial will get you familiar with the various prepositions in the English language, and will help you determine how to use it in a sentence.

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We will meet at Nathan ____ 12 o’clock.
How many _____ them would you like?
We waited ___ line for over three hours to get tickets.
A fight broke out in the stands ______ the half-time break.
The number of people interested in literature has gone _____.
It is difficult to understand what this book is _____.
I was a cross-country skier ____ many years.
His performance has been ______ average this year.
The last World Cup was watched by _____ 50 million people.
The competition will begin _______ five minutes at Dodger stadium.
The captain of the team was criticized _____ not being supportive.
The longer you put ____ doing your homework, the more painful it is.
After so many months of being bullied, he finally stood ___ to his tormentor.
The player was thrown ________ the field after yelling at the referee.
In order to be a top athlete, it is important to work _____ every day.

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Identify the sentence with correct use of the preposition 'over':
A He jumped over the fence.
B She sat over the edge of the cliff.
C The bird flew over the trees.
D The cat is sleeping over the bed.