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Present Continuous or Simple Present?

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My mother ___________ a cotton dress.

George ___________ Christmas with his parents every year.

It ______________ outside.

Deana __________ in Florida.

It ___________ a lot in Toronto.

The Olympics _____________ place here next year.

I _______________ a party next week.

Jina ____________ to school every day.

Sometimes when we are bored we ____ for a walk.

Tim ______________ Rachel to the movies tonight.

Right now I _____________ The Lord of the Rings.

Usually I _______________ to work.

He ________________ behind the shed, very still.

Each month I _________ two or three books.

I can’t come. I ________________ the baseball game on TV.

Simon has no place to live, so at the moment he ______ with his uncle.

I’m afraid Pete can’t come to the door. He _____________ on the phone.

I _____________ for Union Square, but I can’t find it on the map.

Look! The small dog ____________ the postman.

I _____ music!

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  • ToniStarks
    Another perfect score on the first try! Thanks Present, Continuous or Simple Present.
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Identify the sentence with correct use of the preposition 'with':
A They drove with care.
B The cat is playing with a ball of yarn.
C She painted a picture with watercolors.
D He walked with his friends in the park.