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Choose the Correct Relative Pronoun

We use who to refer to people or pets and which to refer to animals and things.

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The candidate _______ wins the popular vote, is not always elected.

The guitar is an instrument ________ really excites me.

I don’t like people _______ lose their tempers easily.

New Delhi, _______ has a population of over 20 million, is a big city.

Many of the veterans __________ had been in Vietnam, got strange diseases.

The gun __________ Tim had in his hands, was not loaded.

My friend, _______ is a doctor, had to operate yesterday.

The diamond, ________ had formerly belonged to an Oriental prince, was sold at Sotheby’s.

The tiger ______ killed the man, was a man eater.

The work, ____ was done on the car, had no value to us.

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A He said, "I am going to the store."
B They said that they had finished their homework.
C She said, "I will come tomorrow."
D I say, "I can do it."