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Restrictive relative clause or not?

Relative clauses may provide necessary or additional information. If they are necessary we call them restrictive relative clauses - if not they are non-restrictive.
Example of a restrictive clause: The girl who took my wallet, is still not caught.
Example of a non-restrictive clause: My birthday, which I celebrated with my friends, was a great success.

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They love their present house, which they bought last year.

The house which they sold to an African couple last year, was still in very good condition.

Right below us is San Jose, which is the city where we first met.

San Francisco, which is on the West Coast, is a city where romantic stories often take place.

The manager should decide who should take up his work when he is on leave..

He just took a driving test that will make it impossible for him to work as a chauffeur.

Can you give me the name of a financial magazine which has a long history?

Jack Bauer, who is a CTU-agent, is trying to save a Senator’s life.

The sister who drove the Ferrari, was the younger of the two.

In my opinion, the Wall Street Journal, which sells over a million copies, is the most respected financial newspaper.

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