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Subject – verb agreement (simple present)

This grammar self-assessment tutorial will get you familiar with the various subject-veep agreements in English language, and will help you determine how to use it in a sentence.

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Japanese and American enterprises ________ chosen to establish daughter companies in Dublin.

The mountainous area in the north of Scotland _____ called the Highlands.

A lot of Scottish folk culture still ______ quite a strong position in the Highlands.

Most Americans ______ ancestors from all over the world.

The USA _______ some of the world’s largest urban concentrations.

Since 1865, black Americans ________ had to struggle hard to better their standing in society.

Today there _______ no differences between black and white people in the legislation.

The average standard of living ______ still lower among black people than among whites.

The treatment of Native Americans _________ a bad stain on American history.

A lot of poor people _________ to escape from poverty and try their luck in the USA.

American regions ___________ with respect to climate and geography.

The state of Hawaii _________ 3200 km from the coast of California.

The states along the north-eastern coast no longer ____________ the nation’s cultural life.

In the minds of Americans, the Northeastern region still _________ for tradition.

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