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Was or Were?

Fill in the correct alternative (was or were)

The flight tickets to Paris too expensive.
Yesterday I saw a man who drying his clothes.
The students studying hard for their exam.
There a lot of people in church today.
Izhak and Rebecca watching the football match.
When I young I lived in Bergen county.
Where you last weekend? I couldn’t find you.
This morning some couples in my building fighting.
There a lot of water in the river.
The team missed the party because they lost in the city.
When he looked up, he could see that another man watching him.
How the weather in Spain?
Either Sarah or Teddy up last night emptying the cookie jar!
There a rumour that Maurizio had put out a contract on him.
The schoolmaster and the secretary amazed by the teacher’s story.
The children sitting in the branches of the trees.
The government established reservations, which areas of land given to the Native Americans.
Black people excluded from political power and did not have the right to vote.
It illegal to teach black slaves how to read and write.
There nothing we could do. It was hopeless.

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  • ToniStarks
    I wanted more clarification on the Fill in the Blank have/has part, " Does he have/has to walk around looking like that? Because the subject was singular (he) I selected has, although Have sounds and feels better, I thought I ought to be sticking to my grammar rules. Have was the correct answer. 
    LikeReply2 years ago


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C In the park, children play happily.
D The train arrived at the station early.