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  December 2020     3 years ago

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Thanks for your interesting discussion. You are right on most points, but as an editor, I'd like to point out an error in a list of examples you give, in the spirit of constructive criticism.

You are correct when you say, "Nobody is also used as a noun in English which means a person of no importance or authority: They went from nobodies to superstars."

However, the examples you then give are neither nouns nor do they refer to persons of no importance (to the contrary, the first one means everyone is on the same level in the eyes of the law!):

Nobody is above being tested by the law, no matter how rich.

Nobody is intelligent enough to solve the quantum theorem.

Nobody here matches the description of the killer.

I hope you find this helpful and that you will correct this so that readers aren't led astray (especially non-native English speakers).


3 years ago


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