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Apologies for the redundant comment. I thought the first failed to go through, so I tried again, rewriting in the process.

2 years ago

A surviving idiomatic usage, even in America, is illustrated thus: "If we fail in that, then all our effort will have been for naught" or "...will come to naught." Also, it's important to distinguish between its being a synonym for the word "zero" and its being the name for the numeral. The former is old-fashioned, the latter remains current, at least in Britain. 

2 years ago

While it's true that either word in the sense of "nothing" is old-fashioned, an example of its still-current idiomatic usage would be "If we fail in that, all our efforts will have been for naught" or "... will come to naught." Also, I'd say it remains current as the name of the numeral zero, but is old-fashioned as a general synonym for the word. 

2 years ago


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