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Seven Varieties of Pronouns

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  Ed Good  —  Grammar Tips
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The first pronouns our forbears invented were the (1) personal pronouns, words that could substitute for Igor, Amber, and other members of the tribe. Then they invented (2) reflexive and intensive pronouns, those ‑self words enabling them to say, Me, Myself, and I. They went even further and devised other types of pronouns, which, as a student of grammar, you must, of course, master: (3) indefinite pronouns (like everyone, everybody, anyone, one, none, and others), (4) demonstrative pronouns (this, that, these, and those), (5) relative pronouns (that, which, who, whoever, whom, whomever, and whose), (6) interrogative pronouns (who, whose, whom, which, and what), and (7) reciprocal pronouns (each other and one another).

It’s quite a list. It’ll be quite a discussion. So in winter build a fire, in summer crack a beer, or fix some tea, and curl up with this Gothic romance that bares Igor and Amber’s lust for lucid language.

Intrigue awaits, for pronouns are fraught with danger, as many smart people get hopelessly entangled—invariably at cocktail parties—in trying to figure out the proper case of pronouns. I have cleverly revealed this universal problem in the title of my book: A Grammar Book for You and I, Oops, Me!

So, once and for all, let’s straighten out the problems. Then you’ll be able to breeze right through those sentences laying those who-whom traps that inevitably ensnare you just when you’re trying to say something important to impress somebody.

Here’s where we’re going. We have seven stops to make:

1. personal pronouns 2. reflexive and intensive pronouns 3. indefinite pronouns 4. demonstrative pronouns 5. relative pronouns 6. interrogative pronouns 7. reciprocal pronouns


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