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Examining "My Team Is" versus "My Team Are"

The article delves into the usage of "my team is" and "my team are" in English grammar, highlighting the distinction between treating "team" as a singular or plural entity. When "team" is viewed as a singular unit, "my team is" is appropriate, whereas in contexts emphasizing the individual members, "my team are" may be preferred, particularly in British English. Understanding this distinction enables speakers to communicate with clarity and grammatical accuracy.

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  Courtney Emerson  —  Grammar Tips
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In English grammar, the choice between "my team is" and "my team are" depends on whether "team" is perceived as a singular or plural entity. Let's explore the usage of these constructions.

1. "My Team Is"

When "team" is considered a singular unit acting as one cohesive group, "my team is" is the appropriate construction:

In these examples, "team" is treated as a singular noun, and therefore, the singular verb "is" is used to agree with it.

2. "My Team Are"

However, in British English and certain contexts, particularly in informal speech or when emphasizing the individual members of the team, "my team are" may be used:

  • Correct (British English): My team are all talented individuals.
  • Correct (Emphasizing Individuals): My team are each bringing unique skills to the table.

In these instances, "team" is conceptualized as a collection of individuals, thus justifying the use of the plural verb "are."


Whether to use "my team is" or "my team are" depends on the perception of "team" as a singular unit or a group of individuals. Understanding this distinction enhances clarity and grammatical accuracy in communication.

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