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Admit vs. Confess

This article is about the difference between Admit vs. Confess — enjoy your reading!

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  Angbeen Chaudhary  —  Grammar Tips
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Ever wondered about the difference between admission and confession? And don’t say there isn’t because there IS! Admit and confess is a pair of words that usually tips of writers while writing their pieces and make them think twice before using them. This article will help you understand the difference between admit and confess so next time you don’t have to pause before writing either.

Admit as verb:

When someone confesses that something is true, he/she is admitting a fact. The CIA finally admitted that the operation was not as successful as they said it was. When a person confess to a crime, it is also sometimes referred to as admitting. Angie admitted two offences of speeding. When a person acknowledges failure or fault, he/she admits to it.

After three hours of constant struggle, he finally admitted his defeat.

Admit is also used as a noun to allow someone to enter a particular place. The children were admitted free to the museum. When a patient is taken in to the hospital for medical treatment, it is also described by admit. Max was admitted into the hospital yesterday due to severe chest infection. When a person or country is allowed to join an organization, they are admitted in it. Canada was admitted to the League of Nations. When something is accepted as valid it is said to be admitted. "The courts can refuse to admit police evidence which has been illegally obtained." The allowing of a possibility of something like "the need to inform him was too urgent to admit of further delay" is another use of admit.

Confess as verb:

The admission of a crime or a wrongdoing of a person by him/herself is called confess. She confessed in front of the court. When someone acknowledges something reluctantly, typically because one feels slightly ashamed or embarrassed of it is also termed as confess. “I must confess that I half believed you.” To declare faith in a certain religion is also described as confess. The tribe confessed faith in Christ. When someone declares his/her sins in front of the priest formally, he is confessing.

The murderer confessed all his sins to the priest.

Up till now you still must be confused about the actual difference between the two as admit and confess both can be implied to mean accepting a mistake or crime. Anne Jackson's latest book, Permission to Speak Freely, mentions the difference between admission and confession. When talking about sin, hurt and fear etc., there is a huge difference between the two verbs. Admission is the mental acknowledgment of a fact that it is true however, confession is a written or oral acknowledgment of guilt by a party that was accused of an offence. Did that cleared things?

Admit vs. Confess


Someone can admit their mistake but not deal with it. For example; if a person admits that he cheated on his wife with another girl, that person is no better off and neither his relationship with his wife or God. However, if that same person confesses that he cheated on his wife with another girl, it means that he actually feels guilty about it and feels wrongful about his actions. He deals with his sin through repentance. So in other words, admission requires no effort but confession requires an effort as well as an action. Confession is followed by forgiveness, restoration and reconciliation.

Admit vs. Confess:

Admit and confess superficially means the same thing but when one really has to mean what he says he should use the right one. The mental acceptance of a crime is admission whereas the verbal or written admission in front of another person or body is confession.

If given chance will you admit your crimes or confess them?

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