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mortgage - correct spelling

mortgage - noun and verb
Example: He took out a second mortgage on his house and bought a car. noun...

mosquito - correct spelling

mosquito - noun
Example: The mosquito carried a vile disease....

mosquitoes - correct spelling

mosquitoes - noun (plural of the noun mosquito)  Example: The swarm of mosquitoes disrupted the party....

Most Common British/American English Spelling Mistakes

While both countries speak the same language, no one can deny that there are quite a few differences in the way that some words are spelled. In many cases, people often confuse the spelling of many words and they can’t tell which...

mountain - correct spelling

mountain - noun
Example: They climbed the mountain for the picnic....

mournful - correct spelling

mournful - adjective
Example: She stared out the window at the mournful shadows....

Moustache vs. Mustache

Human men have hair on their faces. Some men style their facial hair in fashionable ways. Other men grow the...

Movable or Moveable

Ernest Hemingway’s memoir, which consists of portraits of famous literary expatriates and sketches of the au...

much, many

Much means “in large degree or quantity.”Many means “numerous” or “of an indefinite number.”Generally, much is applied to ...

Much, Many, More...

Much ...

Mucus vs. Mucous

The human body produces many fluids. Some of these fluids are mundane and some inspire disgust, but they are...

munificent - vocabulary

Characterized by generous motives, extremely liberal in giving. The noun is munificence. Yesterday was a big moment in the annals of congressional ...

murmur - correct spelling

murmur - noun and verb
Example: The low murmur in the audience distracted the speaker. noun...

muscle - correct spelling

muscle - noun and verb
Example: His injured muscle prevented further athletic activity. noun...


Though myriad may act as a noun (a myriad of problems) or an adjective (myriad problems...

myriad - vocabulary

A vast indefinite number.adjective
Innumerable. Note: Throughout most of its history in English myriad was used as a noun, as i...

myself, himself, yourself, herself, ourself, ourselves

The section on the Parts of Speech has a thorough discussion of “reflexive and intensive pronouns,” that is, the -...

mysterious - correct spelling

mysterious - adjective
Example: “It’s’s’s alright. She moves in mysterious ways.” —U2.Note:...

mystery - correct spelling

mystery - noun and adjective
Example: His disappearance remains a mystery. noun

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