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Many vs. Much

Content about Many vs. Much has been temporarily removed......

marriage - correct spelling

marriage - noun
Example: Each anniversary, they reminisced about their marriage....

married - correct spelling

married - verb and adjective
Example: He married his childhood sweetheart. verb

marry - correct spelling

marry - verb
Example: He got down on his knees and said, “Will you marry me?”...

marshmallow - correct spelling

marshmallow - noun
Not marshmellow.Example: The little girl toasted her first marshmallow at summer camp....

Master vs. Mister

Master and mister are two different words that can often be confusing due to their similar looking spellings and multiple meanings of each word. However, the one similarity between them is that in English language, they are both titles used to refer ...

match - correct spelling

match - noun and verb
Example: Jason and Molly—what a wonderful match. noun
Example: ...

material - correct spelling

material - adjective and noun
Example: She is a material witness of the crime. adjective...

Material vs. Materiel

Content about Material vs. Materiel has been temporarily removed......

Math vs. Maths

If you ever got into contact with the word "mathematics", you have certainly also seen at least one of the nouns from the pair "math" and "maths". But which one is correct? How do you spell it shortly, "math" or "maths"? Let's take a quick look upon ...

mathematics - correct spelling

mathematics - noun
Example: He learned to add and subtract at an early age, so he majored in mathematics in college....

maudlin - vocabulary

Foolishly sentimental; tearfully and weakly emotional. The young ladies did not drink it; Osborne did not like it; and the consequence was that Jos, that fat gourmand, drank up the wh...

May vs. Might

Content about May vs. Might has been temporarily removed......

Maybe vs. May be

English language has a lot of compound words that refer to two completely different words being joined together to give a meaning that is usually different or same from the original meaning of the two words. These words include; goodbye, passport, po...

Me vs. I

Although these two are written and pronounced completely differently, "me" and "I" are often switched and used in the wrong context.Let's see the main difference between them and the correct ways to use these words!Me vs. I...

measure - correct spelling

measure - verb and noun
Example: He tried to measure the acreage of his field. verb

medal, metal, mettle, meddle

A medal is awarded for bravery.Mettle means “courage.”Iron is a metal.My neighbor likes to meddle.Example:...

media, medium

The word media is the plural of medium. These days, however, using media as a collec...

medicine - correct spelling

medicine - noun
Example: Matthew studied medicine in Richmond, Virginia.Example: This new ...

medieval - correct spelling

medieval - adjective
Example: He studied medieval architecture in college...

memento - correct spelling

memento - noun
Not momento.Example: He kept a lock of her hair as a memento....

memorandum, memoranda

The word memorandum is singular
. Its plural is either memoranda or memorandums. In fact, ...

Memorize the Various Personal Pronouns

Here are the same tables on personal pronouns you memorized in’s section on the Parts of Speech (Pronouns):Singular Personal Pronouns ...

mendacious - vocabulary

Untrue, false; habitually telling lies, dishonest. For the last week, I've been intimately involved with Jack Nicholson. He's both a charmer and a cliché. Passionate about truth in his art and...

meretricious - vocabulary

Showy, gaudy, tawdry; deceptively pleasing, based on pretense; also relating to a prostitute, as in a meretricious relationship. “She is charming,” thought Eugène, more and more in lo...

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