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mathematics - correct spelling

This article is about mathematics - correct spelling — enjoy your reading!

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mathematics - noun


Example: He learned to add and subtract at an early age, so he majored in mathematics in college.

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  • wilsonb.19314
    addition-For f of g. Plus g of f. You could view f plus g as a new function. That's created by adding the other two functions.
    example 1
    f plus g of x

    f of x plus g of x equel of 5x squared positive plus 4x positve 2 equel
    the answer is 5x squared positive 4x positive 5

    example number 2
    f plux g of negative 2 put the answer of the example of number one and change all x and replace the negative 2 in x
    5 times negative 2 suquared equal is 20 ,positive 4 times negative 2 equal is negative 8 ,positive 5
    and add all positive 20 plus negative 8 plus positive 5 equel the answer is positive 17
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