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medicine - correct spelling

medicine - noun
Example: Matthew studied medicine in Richmond, Virginia.Example: This new ...

medieval - correct spelling

medieval - adjective
Example: He studied medieval architecture in college...

memento - correct spelling

memento - noun
Not momento.Example: He kept a lock of her hair as a memento....

memorandum, memoranda

The word memorandum is singular
. Its plural is either memoranda or memorandums. In fact, ...

Memorize the Various Personal Pronouns

Here are the same tables on personal pronouns you memorized in’s section on the Parts of Speech (Pronouns):Singular Personal Pronouns ...

mendacious - vocabulary

Untrue, false; habitually telling lies, dishonest. For the last week, I've been intimately involved with Jack Nicholson. He's both a charmer and a cliché. Passionate about truth in his art and...

meretricious - vocabulary

Showy, gaudy, tawdry; deceptively pleasing, based on pretense; also relating to a prostitute, as in a meretricious relationship. “She is charming,” thought Eugène, more and more in lo...

meticulous - vocabulary

Taking extreme care with minute details; precise; thorough. Moreover, in his tremendous prophecy of this kingdom which was to make all men one together in God, Jesus had small patience for the...

mettle - vocabulary

Courage or fortitude; also temperament or disposition, as in a woman of fine mettle. In truth, the Geats’ prince gladly trusted his mettle, his might, the mercy of God! Cast of...

microcosm - vocabulary

A small representative system analogous to the larger system. Thus one can see in the Negro church to-day, reproduced in microcosm, all that great world from which the Negro is cut off ...

mien - vocabulary

Air, demeanor, or bearing, which shows feeling or character. My Lord advances with majestic mien, Smit with the mighty pleasure to be seen.—Alexander Pope Moral Es...

might - correct spelling

might - auxiliary verb and noun
Example: He might win. He mi...

militate, mitigate - vocabulary

Militate: to influence strongly. The word militate is intransitive and is usually accompanied by the preposit...

millennium - correct spelling

millennium - noun
Not millenium.Example: In the late 1990s, everyone made plans to celebrate the next millennium....

million - correct spelling

million - adjective and noun
Example: He won a million dollars in the golf tournament. adjectiv...

millionaire - correct spelling

millionaire - noun
Example: The millionaire donated money to save the old house....

miniature - correct spelling

miniature - noun and adjective
Example: He bought a miniature of the Washington Monument. noun...

minimum - correct spelling

minimum - noun and adjective
Example: We will reduce our risks to a  minimum. noun...

minor sentence

Any piece of speech or writing which does not have the form of a complete sentence but which is normal in context. Examples: "Any news?"; "No smoking!"; "Hello."; "As if I would know."; "Wow!...

minuscule - correct spelling

minuscule - adjective
Note: The word derives from the Latin minus meaning “less.” In much writing, you’ll find it spelled miniscule, probably because of the prefix ...

minutes - correct spelling

minutes - noun
Example: She always watches 60 Minutes.Example: The secretary read the ...

minutia - correct spelling

minutia - noun (plural minutiae)  Note: Most people use the word to mean “small details.” They should therefore opt for the plural minutiae...

miracle - correct spelling

miracle - noun
Example: Her recovery was a miracle that baffled the doctors....

misanthropic - vocabulary

Characterized by a mistrustful scorn or hatred of humankind; having a sneering disbelief in humankind.Note: The noun misanthrope (a person) is a hater of ...

miscellaneous - correct spelling

miscellaneous - adjective
Example: He read a collection of miscellaneous articles....

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