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Come get it vs. Come and get it

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  Marius Alza  —  Grammar Tips
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Some expressions are so often used on the internet wrongly, that they start to seem right and, sometimes, they actually become acceptable, at least informally. “Come get it” and “come and get it” is one of these examples – they are expressions that are both present in daily conversations. They are both used so frequently that making a distinction between the correct one and the wrong one has practically become impossible – they both seem to work.

But what if you need to use this expression in an essay or in a publication? If you are confused whether you should choose “come get it” or “come and get it”, then the explanation below will certainly help you.

“Come get it” vs. “Come and get it”

Let’s start with the second one, to keep it logical. This is actually the original expression from which “come get it” has also been created. “Come and get it” originates in British English, around the end of the 18th century. The armed forces often used this expression when they announced meal time – they used it with the sense of “the meal is ready, come and eat”. As you can observe, “and” is present in this original expression as well. It has also been kept in “come and get it” later, when it started to be used at every dinner summon or meal summon in homes or in large groups, where construction/factory workers, cowboys or lumbermen used to eat together or share meals.

“Come get it” has appeared later, when people started to shorten words and expressions for a more comfortable use and for easier spelling. Therefore, we can’t say this expression is wrong either, but if we had to choose the most recommended one, “come and get it” would be the winner. Even though “come get it” is used at an equal frequency as the other, this is more informal and preferred in conversations with family or friends.

When do we use “come get it”?

As already explained above, “come get it” is the informal, shorter and more comfortable version. It is not necessarily wrong, but it’s best to use it with close people such as relatives, friends, family etc.

When do we use “come and get it”?

“Come and get it” is the original expression and it is the one recommended for literature or other more formal conversations. It is used in general either to summon people to dinner, to call them for a meal, or, rarely, with sensual, erotic connotations.


If you are talking to friends or family, choosing between “come get it” and “come and get it” mustn’t worry you at all. But if you are trying to have a more formal conversation, then just go for “come and get it”, as this is the expression that has logically originated from the initial phrase of inviting someone to take something.

Come get it vs. Come and get it

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