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Formal or Informal Style

This article is about Formal or Informal Style — enjoy your reading!

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  Angbeen Chaudhary  —  Grammar Tips
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When we talk about writing styles, we know it is an individualized and personalized subject. English writing has many rules and regulations in the form of grammar and spellings etc. but when it comes to writing style, the author is free to choose his own.

But many new authors that are still finding their own style have some options to choose from and in today’s article I will discuss about formal or informal writing style. I will discuss key features of both so the writers can easily distinguish which one best suits their needs and style.

Formal Style

The style of writing is said to be formal if the words used are more sophisticated and the sentence is structured in a professional way.


The demand has risen considerably.

The above sentence, though simple, follows the formal writing style. We can tell it by the use of complicated, not everyday words that are written in a concise and official fashion.

Informal Style

The style of writing is said to be informal if the words used are common and everyday words and the sentence structure is casual and friendly.


The consumers love our products and are emptying the shelves of the departmental stores.

When you read the above sentence you feel like it is being said by a friend to a friend in a very casual manner. The words used depict the outgoing nature of the sentence and make is unofficial. More over the length and description also adds details which again show lack of formality in this sentence.

So a writer can choose either formal or informal writing style for his writing depending on the type of content he is writing and what his own preference is.


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