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Glamor vs. Glamour

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English is a very sophisticated language and there are many confusing words in this language which even the natives find hard to understand and comprehend. Along with homophones, homonyms and synonyms, there exist different spellings of similar word. This leads to an ever increasing confusion in the language. Glamour and glamor is an example.

Consider the two sentences below:

The extent and glamour of his empire exercised a potent spell on Western Europe.

He was delighted with the varied play of the waterfalls, but no glamor blinded him to the squalor of Swiss peasant life.

Which of the above two sentences correct, spelling wise?

If you are still confused and have no idea what are the correct spellings of the word, keep reading as this article will eradicate all of your confusions.


The word glamour originated in early 18th century (originally Scots in the sense ‘enchantment, magic’): alteration of grammar. Although grammar itself was not used in this sense, the Latin word grammatica (from which it derives) was often used in the Middle Ages to mean ‘scholarship, learning’, including the occult practices popularly associated with learning..

Glamour as noun:

Glamour is used as a noun in English language where it means an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing.

The glamour of Monte Carlo is eye catching.

Beauty or charm that is sexually attractive is also referred to as glamour.

Pile your hair up for evening glamour.

Glamour is also used for denoting or relating to sexually suggestive or mildly pornographic photography or publications.

Glamor vs. Glamour

A glamour model walked past us.

Spellings in Britain:

In British English, one of the oldest English language, the spellings glamour are used. These are the original spellings of the word and are also common in countries surrounding England.


Journalism is more than an exciting and glamorous occupation. At its best, by informing what millions believe, holding power to account and challenging injustice, it reinforces the most cherished values of democratic societies. At its worst, it distorts and manipulates, so eroding trust and fostering prejudice. (University of Kent, Centre for Journalism.)

Spellings on U.S.:

After the revolutionary war, the Americans decided it was time for them to start making an identity of their own in the world and for that purpose, Noah Webster wrote a new dictionary with slight spellings modifications for Americans. The American spellings of glamour are glamor (without u).


Pandora is a glamor puss. (Vogue Magazine)

Glamour or glamor:

American English often ends words with –or where other varieties of English use ­-our—for example, labor–labour, humor–humour, and odor–odour—but this is not the case with glamour. While glamor does occasionally appear in American publications, glamour is about five times as common, and is considered the standard spelling.



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