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How to Achieve Success as a Student Athlete

Joining the college sports team is a dream for most students, and as much as it may come with several responsibilities, the thrill is unmatched. Students proceed to play sports in college because they get to enjoy the camaraderie with their teammates, get a scholarship, or chase a dream of becoming a professional athlete. Despite the upsides of being a student-athlete, the major concern for most students has always been finding a balance between the commitments on the field and the academic workload. Compromising any of the two is not an option since you can build essential skills from both fronts. Here’s what to do to excel both on the field and in class.

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Put in Some Weekend Work 

Student-athletes who want to succeed on both fronts must be willing to make certain sacrifices. That includes taking time over the weekend to review your academics and catch up with concepts you did not understand. You can take three hours for this to avoid using up all your free time for schoolwork. As a student-athlete, you will have to be creative with your time so that you do not fall behind, especially when you miss some classes. You can use the few hours of your weekend to read class notes, listen to a downloaded lecture, or do a college essay review.

Proper Scheduling 

Creating the right schedule is a factor that most students struggle with, even the ones who are not committed to other extracurricular activities in school. The burden is even heavier on student-athletes since they must allocate enough time for their field and class duties and still squeeze some time to relax. The best solution to such challenges is coming up with a comprehensive schedule. A schedule makes navigating the busy school schedule easier. 
Furthermore, you will make the most of your time and resources. With a proper plan, your athletic responsibilities will not interfere with your classwork and vice versa. Therefore, it is best to note everything you need to do and allocate a time frame for each activity. Remember to leave some time for your activities, such as sleeping. An overview of how your day will unfold helps you stay organized and mentally prepared for the day’s activities.

Set Attainable Objectives 

Every student has been here: at the beginning of the academic year, you vow to read at least four topics ahead of the teacher, read five literature books, and become the best footballer on the team. If one fails to achieve these goals, frustration kicks in, and you get stuck in a snowball of demotivation. The pressure to perform is even worse as a student-athlete since you must achieve objectives set for yourself on the field and in class. To set realistic goals, consider the time frame, motivation level, and skills needed to meet these objectives.

To set the foundation for success, one should believe that their goals are achievable. Being an achiever starts with believing in one’s potential. Setting attainable objectives gives one a sense of purpose since it gives them a vivid picture of where they are going and how to get there. Furthermore, marking the goals as achieved will help increase your confidence. As a student-athlete, you will face tough decisions occasionally, but having goals will make it easy to make such tough decisions. 

Realistic objectives provide one with the right motivation and direction. The primary benefit of having realistic goals is that it breaks down your aspirations into manageable steps. They also promote patience, adaptability, and learning from failures. 


As a student-athlete, you may be unable to attend sports training or class due to other commitments. Therefore, you should communicate with your teachers, coach, teammates, and classmates. For example, if you are attending a tournament that might interfere with your class attendance, it is best to inform your teacher so that they can help you catch up with the class you missed. Communicating with your classmates is also essential since they can take notes that will help you when you get back so that you are not behind. Informing your coach about your whereabouts or challenges will make it easy for them to guide you correctly. 

Ask for Assistance 

Acknowledging that one needs help is usually a challenging part for most students. However, it is essential to understand that your coach, colleagues, and teachers are always ready to help you. Therefore, you should feel free to discuss the challenges you experience on and off the field. Trying to find a balance as a student can be overwhelming. You have to deal with bulky assignments and exams and still show up for training. Ask for assistance when things get too tough.

Protect Your Mental Health 

As a student-athlete, you will be pressured to perform in class and on the field. Therefore, you must learn to manage such tensions so they do not consume you. Extensive multitasking may lead to burnout and even depression. You need to prioritize your mental health. The best way to protect your mental wellness is to find people within your social circle to talk to. Also, share your struggles with your coach so they can advise you on the right direction to take. Moreover, stay organized by managing your time well to help you maintain your sanity as you juggle schoolwork and sports. 

Sleep Adequately

Sleep is crucial for keeping the body in the right functional mode. It helps restore the body and mind from strenuous training on the field and tiring assignments and classes. Thus, your overall productivity will decrease if you don’t get sufficient sleep. Aim to sleep for at least 7 hours each night. You can achieve it by minimizing the activities you do before bed so you can sleep early. For instance, reduce the amount of time you watch movies or play video games in the evening.


Students can enjoy their relationship with the sport they love and still excel academically. No side will take a hit if you are well-organized and determined to find the right balance. Student-athletes go through a journey of self-discovery, which can be overwhelming and thrilling at the same time. Therefore, you should create a schedule, set realistic targets, and ask for assistance where you feel stuck. Succeeding on both ends will boost your confidence in your abilities and make your life in college more accessible. 

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