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Into vs. In to

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  Angbeen Chaudhary  —  Grammar Tips
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Although considered an easy and simple language, English language has its fair share of confusions. There are many words that are spelled and spoken the same way but have some minor differences in writing and huge differences in meaning. One such example is of into and in to.

Today I will discuss both of them in detail.


In English language into is a preposition which represents the position of noun. The preposition into represents the action or movement when one thing is enclosed by another.


Sam put the bowl into the fridge.

The above example represents the usage of preposition into in a simple sentence where its meaning is clarified.

In to:

The term in to is made up of two words where in is the adverb and to is the preposition. Collectively, in to is not used for a single meaning but is used together in a sentence to make it more comprehensive.

Into vs. In to


The Santa came in to entertain the kids.

In the above example, the words in to are used together to make sense of the sentence but they done have one singular meaning.


Although there is a big difference between both the terms but they can still be confused with one another. To remember them don’t forget that into in a sentence answers the question where? And in to in a sentence is usually the short form of in order to.


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    Doyle Heck
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