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Maid vs. Made

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  Angbeen Chaudhary  —  Grammar Tips
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English is usually considered one of a simple language when compare to many complicated language like French and Chinese etc. but one thing to keep in mind while speaking English is to be careful about its grammar. It might be a simple language but one little mistake about English grammar and the whole meaning of your sentence goes from north to south.

There are some homophones in English which sound the same but have different spellings are meanings so one must be careful while using them in your writings. Today, I will discuss one such pair of words that is made and maid. Let’s look at both these word in detail and see how they are different from one another.

Maid as noun:

A maid is used as a noun in English language and is used to refer to a female domestic servant.


Her maid Sasha is very sneaky.

Maid is also used to refer to an unmarried or bachelor girl in old historic books.

Made as verb:

Made is used as a verb in English language where it is the second form of the verb make. Make actually refers to the action of creating or forming something that did not existed before.


I made pancakes for breakfast.

Maid vs. Made

Made is also used as a noun which means to cause something to exist or bring about its existence.


Sara made a great entrance to the party.

In this example, made is used as a second form of verb make which means to cause to exist.

Maid vs. Made:

In a nutshell we can say that maid and made are both homophones which means that they sound the same but have different meanings and spellings so one should be very careful before using their in writing. Maid is a noun which refers to a person or a young girl that works as a domestic worker or helper. Whereas made is the second form of the verb make which means to form or create something.

The maid made great tea.




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