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misspelled - correct spelling

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misspelled - verb (past tense and past participle of the verb misspell) and adjective


When the last letter of a prefix (mis) matches the first letter of the root word (spelled), you do not drop either the last letter of the prefix or the first letter of the root word. Thus: granddaughter and misspelled.

Example: He misspelled so many words in his paper that he received an F. verb

Example: will help you correct misspelled words. adjective

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  • Mark L Troutman
    Mark L Troutman
    i AM A HORRIBLE SPELLER, GRAMMER TO ME IS ODD capitle letters may offen you at times but for the most , its just me getting in a hurry, ,,you can kick me about all this at any time but do know this ; MY mesage is true,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,give me a brake man..If I am typing it means something to me, If you cant read through a few mistakes I make while typing well then in my very Humble opionion you are focusing on grammer not the subject and if you are that shallow or precise than why in the world have you spent 40 seconds reading this post?...................... 
    LikeReply6 years ago


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