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Useful Grammar Tips and Tricks For Copywriters

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One thing that can be said about the human race is that nobody is perfect. There are many individuals in the world that have their own set of flaws and have to live with it. However, just because people face their own set of challenges, doesn't mean that they should be complacent in seeking the help that they need in order to remedy the situation. One of the challenges that many individuals face is problems when it comes to writing. However, there are grammar tips that can offer improvement and provide some relief.

When writing, some grammar mistakes are more common in regards to the English language. Sometimes writing can be confusing, even to the most skillful writer. Here are five areas that many individuals have gotten just a little perplexed and baffled over.

One of the most common grammar errors is run-on sentences. Run-on sentences occur when a sentence contains two clauses that are joined without the proper punctuation or the right conjunction. One of the easiest ways to correct this is just to separate the sentence into two sentences. For example, instead of writing, "John is a very intelligent little boy, and he began reading when he was two years old", write, "John is a very intelligent little boy. He began reading when he was two years old."

The next common mistake deals with pronoun errors. These errors occur when the pronouns don't match the nouns to which they pertain. If a singular noun is being used, then the pronoun must also be singular. Here's a good example. Instead of writing, "Everybody must do their own work", write, "Everybody must do his or her own work."

Apostrophes are another culprit in which some seem to have an issue. The purpose of an apostrophe is to show possession. However, one needs to remember that they are not used after possessive pronouns such as his, hers, it, theirs, my, mine, or our. It would be incorrect to write the following sentence: My brothers house is next to her' house. The correct way to write the sentence would be the following: My brother's house is next to her house.

It seems that everyone at one time or another has had problems with subject/verb agreement. Subjects and verbs must always agree in number when writing in present tense. For example one should not write, "The classes is good for beginning writers". The sentence should be written as, "The classes are good for beginning writers."

Last but not least, another problematic area would be the use of confusing modifiers. A modifier must be placed next to the word that needs to be modified. It should be specific. If an individual wrote, "At four years old, my mom gave me a special doll for Christmas, " it would be incorrect. The best way to rewrite the sentence would be to say, "When I was four years old, my mom gave me a special doll for Christmas."

These are just a few tips to help individuals who have difficulty when it comes to writing. The internet has many websites and links that offer grammar tips. It's good to take advantage of online tutorials or websites that offer quizzes and games to help improve grammatical skills in an individual's spare time. It's also comforting to know that resources are available to those who have challenges when it comes to writing. 
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