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Yoga vs. Yogurt

For any English user with basic knowledge, “yoga” and “yogurt” represent two completely different concepts, without any connection between their meanings or uses.Even so, a less experienced user may find it tempting to assume that there’s some kind of similarity between the two words, given the fact that the first three letters in both words are – and sound – identical.So, for those still wondering, below you’ll find a complete breakdown for these two words. Learn what “yoga” means and what “yogurt” is, so you’ll never be confused by these two words again.

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Yoga vs. Yogurt

The main reason why you may be tempted to believe that “yoga” is connected to “yogurt” is that they both start with “yog-“. However, this is not a case similar to that of “in” & “inside”, or “electric” and “electronics”.

Neither are we talking about compound words, nor about derivation. In this case, “yoga” and “yogurt” are nothing more than two completely different words, with different meanings and uses, which happen – through a complete coincidence – to start with the same three letters.

So let’s take a look and see how to use “yoga” and “yogurt” accurately in English, and what each word means, so all is clear.

When do we use “yoga”?

“Yoga” is defined as a set of exercises used for body and mind, for relaxation and more positive energy, that originates from the religion Hinduism. It’s mainly about stretching, body mobility, with a strong focus on correct breathing.

Example: I practice yoga poses every weekend to relieve the stress accumulated during the week. – “yoga” refers to a set of exercises for both body and mind, based on the Hindu religion.

Yoga vs. Yogurt

When do we use “yogurt”?

Also spelled “yoghurt”, “yogurt” is actually a food – hence, obviously, it has no connection to the word “yoga”.  “Yogurt” is a thick, liquid food made from milk, with a slightly sour flavor and rich in nutrients for the human body.

Example: I love eating yogurt with fruit and granola for breakfast. – “yogurt” is a slightly sour thick liquid made from milk.


While “yoga” refers to a set of exercises, “yogurt” is a food made from milk; therefore, under no circumstances, can “yoga” be used in place of “yogurt!”. Despite having the same first three letters, the two words are not connected – that’s the main thing to keep in mind so you always remember the difference between the two.

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