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invitation - correct spelling

invitation - noun
Example: The wedding invitation contained a typographical error....

irascible - correct spelling

irascible - adjective
Example: The irascible old man shouted at the children in the street....


Usage panels—and other smart people—consider the use of irregardless as a huge blunder. It simply isn’t a word. Someone couldn’t figure out how to use irrespective or regardless ...

irregular verb

Verbs have four principal parts: (1) the infinitive, (2) the past, (3) the past participle, and (4) the present participle
. A ...

Irregular Verbs

In the English language, we have fewer than 200 irregular verbs. (A fairly complete list appears in Garner Oxford, pp. 195-97.) Below are some causing the most trouble. Remember, use the past tense for statements showing that something happe...

irrelevant - correct spelling

irrelevant - adjective
Example: The attorney objected to the irrelevant evidence....

irresistible - correct spelling

irresistible - adjective
Not irresistable.Example: The chocolate dessert was irresistible....

irritable - correct spelling

irritable - adjective
Example: The irritable store owner drove away her customers....

island - correct spelling

island - noun
Example: The plane crashed on an island in the Pacific....

isle - correct spelling

isle - noun
Example: The idyllic isle had beautiful palms on the beach....

its - correct spelling

its - possessive pronoun
Not it's
.Note: The word its is the possessive form of the pronoun it. Do not confus...

its, it’s

Note: The differences between its and it’s are discussed in depth in the Common Grammatical Mistakes Section of ...

itself - correct spelling

itself - reflexive pronoun and intensive pronoun
Example: The cockroach tried to protect itself...

it’s - correct spelling

it's - contraction
Not its
.Note: The word it’s is a contraction of it is. Do not confuse it’s with ...

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