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integrity - correct spelling

integrity - noun
Example: Everyone admired his integrity and wanted him to serve as mayor....

intellectual - correct spelling

intellectual - adjective and noun
Example: The legal field of intellectual property involves patents, trademarks, an...

intelligence - correct spelling

intelligence - noun
Example: He is blessed with high intelligence.Example: We must improve our ...


There are many simple things that we use every day in our language and don’t even know that we are using the...


An intensifier is an element of English grammar that intensifies the meaning of a single word or complete se...

intensive pronoun

The reflexive and intensive pronouns are the “-self” words, as in myself, yourself, himself, herself, themselves, and so on. These words are used in two ways: (1) to reflect action back onto the actor in the ...

Inter vs. Intra

Prefixes and suffixes are a great component of grammar that allows new words to be created, in order to express certain messages more accurately. But some of them are really similar and it is sometimes hard to identify which one to use depending on t...

inter-, intra-

The meanings of these two prefixes differ significantly. The prefix -inter means “between or among.” Thus, interstate commerce is business conducted across state lines. The prefix -intra...

intercede - correct spelling

intercede - verb
Example: She wanted to intercede in the matter to save her son’s reputation....

interest - correct spelling

interest - noun and verb
Example: His interest in science led to a career in medicine. noun...

Interested vs. Interesting

Now let’s try to understand when to use which one. Use ...


Let those who delight in using fancy jargon interface with each other. But be nice when you interact with them at Starbucks.In the world of computer technology, the word interfac...

interfere - correct spelling

interfere - verb
Example: The injury won’t interfere with his work....

interference - correct spelling

interference - noun
Example: His interference in our affairs must not continue....


An interjection is one of the eight parts of speech
. It is a word of surprise, as in wow, whoopie do, yikes. It rarely shows up in formal expository writing....


Among many other elements of English grammar one is interjection....


Oh wow! You landed on this page! You must be looking for interjections....

interpreted - correct spelling

interpreted - verb (past tense and past participle of the verb interpret)  Example: The young woman ...

interrogative mood

First, understand this: The word mood has nothing to do with frame of mind, as in happy or sad. It actually refers to mode, which is the attribute of a verb suggesting the speaker's attitude toward the action expressed.The mood of ve...

interrogative pronoun

We have various ways of asking questions in the English language. We can take a multiword verb form and put the subject between the auxiliary verb and the base infinitive, as in ...

interrupt - correct spelling

interrupt - verb
Example: This loud noise from the street will interrupt the meeting....

Into vs. In to

Although considered an easy and simple language, English language has its fair share of confu...

intransitive verb

Action verbs are either transitive or intransitive. A transitive verb has the intrinsic ability to attach directly to a noun, called the direct object
. Bu...

Intransitive Verbs

Verbs Without ObjectsOur forbears noticed something else about their growing list of action verbs. Some lacked the ability to pick up a noun all by themselves. They could not earn that coveted label, noun-picker-upper...

intrepid - vocabulary

Fearless, courageous, and bold. Unchecked, the tourist will climb over the fence and come right into your house to take pictures of you in your habitat. Cities mindful of tourists have built e...

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