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religious - correct spelling

religious - adjective and noun
Example: The religious man was shocked at the scenes in the movie. ...

Relive vs. Relieve

Relive Relive is to live an experience or memory again (re+live). Relive can be written with the ‘-‘ symbol as re-live as we...

remedy - correct spelling

remedy - noun and verb
Example: This cold remedy provided instant relief.Example: This should ...

Remember vs Reminder vs Remainder

Remember Remember is a verb which means to think of an occurrence in the ...

remembrance - correct spelling

remembrance - noun
Not rememberanceExample: He left the flowers by the grave as a remembrance....

reminisce - correct spelling

reminisce - verb
Example: We got together to reminisce about the old days....

reminiscence - correct spelling

reminiscence - noun
Example: He wrote a reminiscence for his departed friend....

remiss - vocabulary

Negligent, slow, careless in performing a task or duty; also, languid, sluggish. Perhaps this hut has never been required to shelter a shipwrecked man, and the benevolent person who promised t...

rendezvous - correct spelling

rendezvous - noun and verb
Example: The old inn by the sea was the couple’s rendezvous. noun...

renovate - correct spelling

renovate - verb
Example: My son and his wife will renovate their house next year....

renowned - correct spelling

renowned - adjective
Example: The paintings by the renowned artist brought top dollar....

repertory - vocabulary

A place where things are stored or gathered together, a collection; also, a type of theatrical presentation in which the theater group presents several works. Each writer is born with a repertor...

repetition - correct spelling

repetition - noun
Example: The writer used repetition of words to ensure a smooth flow....

replete - vocabulary

Full to the uttermost, abundantly provided or supplied, filled with; complete, as in a legal brief replete in its citations to authority. The highway is replete with ...

representative - correct spelling

representative - adjective and noun
Example: These reports are representative of his writing style. ...

repute - vocabulary

Estimation in the view of others; reputation, as in a house of ill repute.verb
To believe a person or thing to be as specified; to regard.Note: The ...

requisite - vocabulary

A required thing, something necessary or indispensable.adjective
Necessary or required for a particular purpose, as in the requisite skills. No wealth ca...

resemblance - correct spelling

resemblance - noun
Example: She bears a striking resemblance to Oprah Winfrey....

reservoir - correct spelling

Example: The swimmers used the reservoir to practice scuba diving....

Resign vs. Re-sign

Do you intend to re-sign the employment contract? ...

Resist vs. Desist

Resist Resist as a verb means to prevent some action from happening. For example – ...

resistance - correct spelling

Example: “I am just a poor boy, though my story’s seldom told. I have squandered my resistance, For a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises. All lies ...

resource - correct spelling

Example: The library is a valuable resource for any student....

respectability - correct spelling

Example: She earned respectability through her good works....

respite - vocabulary

Interval of rest; a delay or cessation of anything trying or distressing. Whatever choice Elizabeth Bouvia may ultimately make, I can only hope that her courage, persistence and example will cause our s...

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