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Envision vs. Invision

This article is about Envision vs. Invision — enjoy your reading!

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  Marius Alza  —  Grammar Tips
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You certainly know what "envision" means, it's not the definition of the word that creates confusions and doubts here, but the spelling. And that's what we're about to discuss in this article. Are both "envision" and "invision" correct? If that's what you thought, well... think again!

Because of the way "envision" is pronounced, people are often tempted to spell it with an "i", just as they hear it, when they are writing. But keep in mind it's a misspelling.

Envision vs. Invision

"Invision" does not exist, neither as a verb, nor as any other part of speech. It's not even an old, acceptable spelling for "envision" because it's not present in any new or old reputable publication or dictionary.

Some might say that "envision" is preferred with this spelling in the US, but "invision" is actually what it's spelled in UK. And that's false. In fact, it's not even a different spelling that they prefer in the UK, it's actually a different word. The British word for "envision" is "envisage", so no way "invision" can be accepted in any English speaking region. It's a misspelling and that's all.

When do we use "envision"?

Always. These is the only spelling of the word that is considered correct when referring to the action of imagining something happening or thinking that something is real or likely to happen. Still, we recommend that you use "envision" in American English only, or in conversations with people from the US, because "envisage" is the actually official word preferred in the UK.

Example: This business will be amongst the most successful and profitable from our country, this is what I envision for our company these days. - "envision" defines the action of imagining something happening.

When do we use "invision"?

Never use this spelling. It's an error, a confusion created by the pronunciation of "envision". Don't get tricked, though, the first letter is always "e", not "i"!


The conclusion is simple here. "Envision" is correct, mainly used in US, whereas "invision" is a misspelling and it's never used anywhere. This is all you have to remember in order to avoid any type of error with this pair of words.

Envision vs. Invision

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