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Envision vs. Invision

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  Angbeen Chaudhary  —  Grammar Tips

As languages evolve, spelling conventions change and some words that used to be correct become mistakes. Most writers no longer spell jail as gaol, for instance, even though this spelling used to be predominant. The word envision is the same way. A long time ago, it could be spelled as either envision or invision. As English evolved, though, one form dropped out of common usage, and the other became standard. You aren’t alone if you aren’t sure which is which—many writers don’t know whether invision or envision is the correct spelling of this word. Continue reading to learn more about these spelling differences.

Envision as verb:

The word envision is used as a verb in English language where it means to imagine as a future possibility; visualize.

She envisioned the admiring glances of guests seeing her home.

Use of envision:

Envision is the the correct spellings and most commonly spelled in most present tense forms, and is conjugated according to the rules of regular verbs.


The way they were struggling early on this season made it hard to envision the Bears going so far. [AP]

Some envision the 375-acre site—larger than Stillwater Business Park’s first phase—as a huge economic development opportunity. [The Record Searchlight]

Planners envision a small “Panera-style” café that can also serve customers who aren’t visiting the gardens. [Orlando Sentinel]

Use of invision:

Invision is a misspelling of the same word. Some sources cite invision as an outdated spelling, as it has not been widely used in over 200 years. At the infancy of this word, invision saw some play in general usage, but envision has been the predominate spelling for all of history.

Envision or invision:

Envision is a verb that means to visualize or imagine something. Invision is a misspelling of that verb, but InVision is a proper noun that refers to an American software company. To summarize, Envision is the proper spelling of this verb. Invision is a misspelling. To remind yourself that envision is the proper spelling of this verb, remember that verb does not contain the letter I, and invision begins with that letter.

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