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How to Come Up with a Niche and Ways to Make Your Blog Thrive

Blogging is one of the first forms of social media. Before Twitter, Instagram and Facebook came around, blogs were used to share the little things that occurred in your daily life. From food styling to bathing your pets, you can share just about anything on a blog. With today’s standards, however, social media has become a reliable tool for marketing yourself. But whether you want to create a personal or business blog, choosing a niche can be difficult. Here is how to decide on a niche and how to make your blog thrive.

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  Yigal Ben Efraim  —  Grammar Tips
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Don’t Rush

Regardless of your reason for creating one, the overall topic of your blog should be something you're passionate about. However, it’s important that you take things slow and come up with a plan. Rushing often leads to you making mistakes and even possibly growing bored with it. All you need to do is sit down and really contemplate what you would like to post and what your future audience wants to see. It’s worth mentioning that this applies to both personal and business blogs. Speaking of businesses, a great way to find a niche is to look at what is currently trending. Focusing on a trend can help you build your audience much faster when you first get start.

Learn SEO

In order for your blog to be seen by the right people, you need to learn how SEO works and how to implement into your blog. SEO is when you optimize your content by using a group of specific keywords. For instance, if you chose to blog about camping, you would want to use keywords such as beginner- friendly camping tips or best food for a camping trip. SEO is ultimately how your content winds up on the front pages of Google.

Ensure You Can Make a Profit

Continuing with the business aspects of blogging, you want to pick a niche that's guaranteed to net you some form of profit. Pets, for instance, is a niche that no one can get enough of. Almost everyone loves the sight of an adorable, fluffy animal. You could advertise specific merchandise, like leashes, pet dishes and bird cages, or you could write about being a dog walker or pet sitter. Either way, this particular niche is bound to get you attention and keep people coming back for more.

But advertising your blog requires a bit of education in the field. The best way to acquire this knowledge is to go to college. Whether you’re aiming for a BA or an MA, college is a worthwhile investment. But because of the cost, some people may be turned off from college. However, the debt you acquire is from the student loans you take out to pay for the tuition and other necessities. Granted, not everyone can pay for college out of pocket and you may be one of them. So, taking out a loan from a private lender can help ease the stress of repaying. The interest rates are often lower as well.

Start Off Small

If you’re doing this for marketing and business reasons, it’s recommended you start off small. Going all in at the start isn't always a wise decision. Just like gambling, you could lose everything if you don't take the time to do it right. Take things one step at a time and pace your content. Get a feel for your audience and how they respond to what you're creating. After all, the point of having an audience on social media is to keep them intrigued and hungry for more. Research smaller segments within your niche. Write about things that are educational and entertaining. Make the content digestible, easy to understand and shareable. You can also add links to your other social media platforms at the bottom of your site as well for more traffic.

Build a Trustworthy Community

From a blog perspective, a community is a group of people of whom you have good relations with. It's the people who look forward to your content. It’s also how you get your content featured on other sites, look for inspiration and even do collaborations to boost both parties. But you don’t have to find one as it is much easier to simply build a community yourself. To get started, try and interview influencers, consistently link to other sources and learn how to curate content. Interact with your target audience and make them part of the conversation. Although it takes time to get the ball rolling at first, but if you keep at it long enough, you may find yourself aligning yourself with others in your designated niche and possibly building a loyal following.
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