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Install vs. Instill

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  Angbeen Chaudhary  —  Grammar Tips

The words instill and install are almost indistinguishable when spoken out loud, and even in writing, they are only separated by one letter’s difference. Sometimes, words that are this similar are simply spelling variations of the same word, but that is not the case here. Instill and install have separate meanings, and they are not interchangeable in any context. Since these words are so similar, they are easy to get confused. Luckily, there is an easy trick you can use to remember the difference between instill and install.


The word instill originated from late Middle English from Latin instillare, from in- ‘into’ + stillare ‘to drop’ (from stilla ‘a drop’). The word install originated from late Middle English from medieval Latin installare, from in- ‘into’ + stallum ‘place, stall’. Sense 1 dates from the mid-19th century

Instill as verb:

The word instill is used as a verb in English language where it means to gradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude) in a person's mind.

The standards her parents had instilled into her.

Instill also means to put (a substance) into something in the form of liquid drops.

She was told how to instill eye drops.

Install as verb:

Install is used as a verb in English language too where it means to place or fix (equipment or machinery) in position ready for use.

We're planning to install a new shower.

To place (someone) in a new position of authority, especially with ceremony is also describes with the word install.

He was installed as Prime Minister in 1966.


“That’s tied into my goals: to instill pride in our identity as native people,” she says. (The Albuquerque Journal)

Entrepreneurial parents understand how critical it is to instill business values in their children, which will set them up for success in whatever they choose to do when they grow up. (The Huffington Post)

Hong Kong needs to restore people’s confidence, instil belief ‘tomorrow will be better’, says Sincere chairman (The South China Morning Post)

Lincoln will use money from the Environmental Trust grant to pay half the estimated $100,000 to buy and install the 10 charging stations in downtown parking lots, according to Wayne Mixdorf, city parking manager. (The Lincoln Journal Star)

The province will install fire-suppression sprinklers in 50 prioritized government-owned seniors lodges this year and another 50 over the two following years, Seniors Minister Lori Sigurdson vowed Tuesday. (The Calgary Herald)

Soon, private schools across the state will have to instal closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. (The Times of India)

Instill or install:

Instill and install are easily confused nouns. Instill is to establish an idea in someone’s mind. Install is the process of setting something up. Even though they function the same in sentences, they are never interchangeable. You can remember it by knowing that Instill has an extra I, like the verb impart, so it should be easy to remember that instillation is a process of imparting knowledge.


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