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Learning Grammar through kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School & Senior High School

This article is about Learning Grammar through kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School & Senior High School — enjoy your reading!

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  Yigal Ben Efraim  —  Grammar Tips
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English has been taught since I was in kindergarten, there I learned English with fun because the teacher used student center learning, so the teacher facilitate the student with playing game, singing and dancing, thus students memorize vocabulary become habit before we enter the class, such as count one until ten, mention name of fruits and animal and for who can memorize they come early. This method very relevant with audio- lingual approach, this study have supported the children enjoy the advantages over adult in learning pronunciation of second language. (Asher & Garcia 1969)

In kindergarten  we do not thing about grammar, structure, we just speak and imitate with non-verbal language , use body language to follow teacher instruction so the teacher become center at the time or teacher central teaching we just focus to the teacher. “Listener as tape recorder view of listening because it assumes that the listener takes in the stones messages sequentially, in much the same way as a tape recorder one sound, one word, one phrase and one utterance at the time “ (Anderson,A and Lynch,T, 1988)

The facilitate in my kindergarten school was support to learn English, because the park is colorful and joyful, there is a big slide away build that has paint alphabet art with picture on the each wall, according to (Harmer, 2001) said young children easily get bored so we can make the classroom brighten and colorful.

When I was in elementary school, I begin learn English in fourth class, I was dislike English because teacher force us to understand about grammar, and memorize vocabulary the teacher is dominant (TCT) she told us about formulation without depth explanation, I feel awkward in English that day, teacher use grammar translation approach and cognitive approach she only focus how to make us know about it without attention how is the process. In this case I very confused when translate word by word there are not have connection.

In elementary school we also learn in language laboratory, though watch a movie and listen a music, comprehension- based approach by read and listen to train our speaking.

In junior high school I was learn English about expression, such as asking and giving opinion, command expression, expressing like and dislike and many more.

Teacher teach with combine teacher center teaching and student center teaching, students express their daily activity and memorize the expressing and answer the blank conversation , the method that teacher use is grammar base approach and cognitive approach the important for this class in how student follow the rule and can express their passion. The teacher and learner have to remarkable degree of flexibility, for they are presented with a set of general learning objective and problem- solving task and not a list of specific linguistic items. (Kumaravadivelu, 1992, p. 99)

In writing I remember about the teacher is very detail, she does not allow us to streak papers, if we streak paper means our answer is wrong, I spend more than one paper for a task, teacher focus for our knowledge I think she use cognitive approach, teacher emphasize to the rule of writing and reading skills, to help student the highlight the important of writing.

In the final class of junior high school the teacher often use English in the classroom, many student feel bored and do not understand about teacher talk about special for me who sat at the back corner far from teacher, sometimes I don’t heard what the material, if we want to permit we must use English, teacher belief is social context of language and learning situation use student central learning, for whom interest to learn they can come and sit closely. in the material I remembered the teacher order us to read text one by one and after that she give comment. Teacher use affective- humanistic approach, she use polite communication to change our pronunciation be better.

In the first class of senior high school, I remember teacher use student center teaching, so she ordered us to gather information in the school and that we report with mimic and gesture as reporter in television. We looking for the problems in our school environment and solve it, this material make student more active in student center learning, we can learn with experience and expectation.

In the second class at senior high school I learned English mostly with group, student center learning (SCT), we discuss and analyze text that teacher gave, we talk  about statement or argument and find uncommon words such as abstract noun and action verb, and then we answer together one member of group come to in front of white board and explain the result of discussion. The teacher use grammar-translation approach and language skill is reading and writing, language component consist of vocabulary and grammar.

            I rather bored to learn English because the teacher seldom come to class and sometimes pre-service teacher come to teach us, but the method that she used was make us bored too, in the  first meeting she gave me task that must be collect in the end of time finish. It is not relevant with (Wenger, 1998, p. 38) said about position of learning is as social participant. I prefer learn English though social media, I use twitter to develop my English  there are many quotes in English that I translate by myself and sometimes I copy the quote  become my tweet, because I think when we speak and be able  English is cool, in social media I met friends in abroad, with them I practice my English.            

In the third class of senior high school we learn English teacher talking time to explain after that student talking time to do exercise, student identification words that appear in narrative text, analyze grammar and passive voice.

Student as centered of learning when teacher order us to read conversation and memorize expression. Teacher prefer use cognitive approach to increase their student ability, we practice this expression in the final examination though she ordered us to playing drama.

            According to (Nunan, 1989) Design activity teacher apply skills conjointly in natural behavior, for real life as in the classroom, most task more than one skill.

At the time my drama is Dora the explorer because our time is limited and I thing this figure is very popular. We do this drama with variation that’s silly and funny everybody happy and give applause to my group. The teacher gave comment about this drama is for kindergarten, but does not matter the aim of this drama are entertain and has moral value.
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