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List of Homonyms

Homonyms are words that are both spelled and pronounced the same as each other, yet have different meanings. The category is somewhat subjective, because words sometimes have related, only very slightly different, meanings.

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Note: Some references use the term Homonyms more broadly, to refer to homographs (words spelled the same as each other but pronounced differently) or homophones (words spelled differently but pronounced the same).

address fall glower ken remote
arm fat gob key reticule
back fathom goose kid right
bank fawn gore kind rock
bark file graft know rocket
base fine grand lap rose
bat fire grave lark routed
beam firm graves last routing
beams fish graze lead row
bear flat groom leading saw
board fly gross leads scale
bolt fold grouper learned seal
book foot grouse left second
bore forearm gull letter seek
bow forearms gum light serve
box former hack live set
bustier forte hail long show
cabinet found halt lower shower
can founder hatch lowered sick
case frank haze lowering sign
cast fray heaven lowers sing
cave fret heel lie sink
chair frieze hide lying sow
change fritter hind lies space
check frizz hinder line spring
chicken frizzle hip man spruce
chip frog hold match square
circular fry hood may stalk
clear fudge horn mead stall
cleave funny host mean stud
close furrier hot mine suit
club frog hue mole tank
command fuzz husky murder tear
content gab inferior nail tender
cool gad insult object tie
cordial gaff iron objective tire
current gage jade order trip
crane gale jag park trivial
dance gall jam peddle tongue
dear gam jar pile trunk
deck gauntlet jay pitcher valence
down general jeer play valences
duck gig jerk plaque wave
dust gill jet point watch
employ gills jetty pole well
entrance gimp jib pound wind
even gin jumper pot wound
evening glass junk quarry worsted
exact gloss journey read yard
fair glossy just reign

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