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Train Your Mind: 10 Indispensable Tools for College Students

Sometimes we feel so tired or distracted that learning becomes a real difficulty. It is getting tougher and tougher to memorize stuff, utilize knowledge in a discussion, or even apply logic and reasoning to build a causal connection.

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Many students rush to buy vitamins, energy boosters, and other things promising the improvement of their cognitive abilities. And some supplements can do the trick but only on a molecular level. And we all rather need a boost for our brain to turn on.

Even though our mind is probably the least studied organ in our body, we do know something about it. Excitement and inspiration can reach out to the deepest resources and recover your cognitive power once again.

For it to work, you only need to hit the right button. In this article, we will talk about mind training tools that Alice Kemp, the great essay writing service team member, finds indispensable. Read ahead to find something useful for you.


The first app that comes to mind when we talk about brain training is Lumosity. This is one of the best tools designed to promote cognitive development by sharpening your memory, improving attention, and boosting your problem-solving skills.

This app employs gamification for users not to get bored with similar assignments. Each game aims to develop your skill so that you could complete the next level. It is also designed to increase the speed of your reaction and challenge your vocabulary and math knowledge.


This app has everything you need to switch your mind back on when it is shuttering. Braingle is full of puzzles, quizzes, brainteasers, and games. All the favorite tools such as Sudoku, Code Breaker, and Word Search are also there.

Most importantly, multiplayer games allow you to challenge your friends. You can progress together toward memory improvement, vocabulary building, and creativity boosting.

Personal Zen

This app is designed to do quite the opposite compared to the previous one. Instead of activating inner resources through cognitive tasks and challenges, Personal Zen tries to calm students’ minds and help them relieve stress.

The game is pretty simple to follow. The player only needs to concentrate on a happy sprite and trace this path instead of an angry sprite. As simple as it is, the game tests players’ attention while soothing music has a positive effect on their anxiety and stress levels.


This amazing app is designed to test users’ cognitive skills based on such aspects as Speed, Sequencing, Estimation, Exploration, and Concentration. As soon as any deficit is detected, the app tries to validate its games so that the problems get the most of your attention.

The best feature of the app is that it adapts to a user’s performance, promoting their ability to memorize, concentrate, plan, and cope with challenges. The more mistakes are made, the more assignments will train the needed skills.

Brain Age

This Nintendo-based game is truly something indispensable for your brain. When you feel tired of monotonous learning, this is exactly a tool you need. Its brain training methods are targeted specifically to improve your focus and concentration.

Nintendo’s Devilish training program has lots of different options for you to train your brain. Try each of them because every game type is interesting and exciting. You’ll be so absorbed that you won’t even notice that you are actually learning. The tool is web-based only.


If you need to boost your memory, Cram is the best tool. The app allows creating flashcards that actually help students remember. As old as this method is, there is still nothing better that can help your memory improve.

Yet, this app is not merely for creating flashcards. It employs multilevel testing so that students get through five levels of questioning for every set of flashcards. The testing can be created by their teachers who may as well track students’ performance and progress.


This app is designed specifically for students to help their brains acquire and retain knowledge better. First of all, it asks a basic set of questions to understand students’ goals and then assesses their skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and calculation.

As soon as the introductory part is over, the quizzing part starts. Quizzes and games are customized to meet your needs. For example, you can work on your discounting skills or boost memory and speaking abilities.


Happify is another tool to relieve stress and its negative effect on mental health and memory. Students can’t concentrate and study if they are being bombarded with negativity. Thus, the app first analyzes the emotional state of its users and then creates a profile for each of them. Based on this analysis, the app selects the best practices to tackle stress.

Happify is full of interesting games, activities, and tasks that are all science-based. You will not even notice how your memory improves and it becomes easier to form and retrieve memories.

Mind Games

As the name states, this app is a collective for different games designed to improve a particular skill. For example, you can choose Attention Training or Memory Flow to work out your concentration and memory respectively. Or you can choose Vocabulary Star or Word Memory to learn new words and their application.

The app is easy to customize. As soon as it collects enough data about you, it can select the best games for you to improve the exact skills you need.

Fit Brains Trainer

This tool is full of unique games and puzzles, each directed at improving a set of your cognitive skills. Based on your progress, levels get harder and harder. Once all sessions are completed, you will be able to conclude that you had a solid brain workout.

The app also allows you to track your progress and performance. For example, you can see how well you did on the previous level and get recommendations concerning the following one.

Wrapping Up

There might be no ideal app for you until you try several of them and find the right one. Each of them has a different set of features. However, there is definitely something even for the pickiest user. So, go ahead and work your brain out.

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