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Here's the list of entries submitted by Teril  — There are currently 54 entries total — keep up the great work!

All right vs. Alright vs. Allright

What is the controversy? All right vs. alright vs. allright: No one argues that they sound the same. But do they mean the same? Are th...

1 year ago

Any more vs. Anymore

Any more vs. Anymore: A brief history.In this article, we will look at the two-word phrase any more which, in certain situations, becomes the one-word phrase, anymore. ...

1 year ago

Lives vs. Lifes: A Comparison

In this article, I will define these words, compare them, and give examples of the different ways that these words are used in everyday conversation.The word life.The word l-i-f-e is a s...

1 year ago

Color vs. Colour — And Who is Noah Webster?

The word color is used by people in the United States whereas the word colour is used everywhere else in the English-speaking world. So why is there a difference in the spelling of these words? ...

3 years ago

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