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Garner Oxford at p. 239 describes only as “the most frequently misplaced of all English words.” You should put only immediately before the word you intend to limit. The greater the distance...

Only If vs. If Only

Only If“You fail only if you stop writing.” -Ray BradburyLet’s start our exploration by separating the words only and if....

Only One State, e.g., Unique

Please notice that some adjectives have only one state, the positive state. Put another way, some adjectives cannot display the degrees shown by the comparative and the superlative states or through further modification by adverbs like very,...

Onto vs. On to

Onto vs. On to: Navigating Prepositions in Language Understanding the nuances of prepositions is crucial for precise communication. "Onto" and "on to" are two expressions that are often confused. This article aims to clarify the distincti...

onus - vocabulary

A difficult burden, task, or responsibility. In law, the word onus refers to the burden of proof, as in The onus is on the plaintiff to prove the theory of the case. He propo...

operate - correct spelling

operate - verb
Example: His car does not operate properly....

opinion - correct spelling

opinion - noun
Example: Public opinion will determine the election results....

opponent - correct spelling

opponent - noun
Example: Her opponent used negative advertising....

opportune - correct spelling

opportune - adjective
Example: Now is an opportune time to buy gold....

opportunity - correct spelling

opportunity - noun
Example: He took advantage of the opportunity and invested in the project....

oppression - correct spelling

oppression - noun
Example: The oppression of the dictator caused the people to flee....

opprobrium - vocabulary

The disgrace or reproach incurred by outrageous or shameful conduct; ignominy. Yahoo has suffered a good deal of opprobrium since it was revealed last month that, when [Chinese] governm...

Optimal vs. Optimum

Optimal vs. Optimum: Navigating Distinctions in Usage Understanding the differences between "optimal" and "optimum" involves recognizing variations in usage and preference. This article aims to clarify the distinctions between "optimal" a...

optimism - correct spelling

optimism - noun
Example: His optimism and positive approach impressed his coworkers....

optimist - correct spelling

optimist - noun
Example: Always the optimist, the CEO predicted higher earnings....

optimistic - correct spelling

optimistic - adjective
Example: We are optimistic about a favorable outcome....


Don’t hesitate to start a sentence with Or. It’s a coordinating conjunction, and great writers have been starting sentences with conjunctions for hundr...

Or vs Orwith

"Or" and "orwith" may seem very similar at first; consider these two sentences: "The steak comes with beans or rice." and "The steak comes with beans orwith rice.".They mean the same thing... right? No.An imp...

oral, verbal - vocabulary

Oral: uttered by the mouth, as in oral testimony; using or transmitted by speech, as in oral methods of teaching languages; involving the mouth, as in the oral ...

orchestra - correct spelling

orchestra - noun
Example: The orchestra performed works of Mozart....

ordinarily - correct spelling

ordinarily - adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here fo...

Organize vs. Organise

They hired a professional to help organize their wedding. His office is a mess. He needs someone to help him or...

origin - correct spelling

origin - noun
Example: Darwin studied the origin of the species....

original - correct spelling

original - adjective and noun
Example: The original work of art sold at auction. adjective...

oscillate - correct spelling

oscillate - verb
Example: The court tends to oscillate between conservative and liberal views....

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