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ostracize - vocabulary

To exclude, by general agreement, from friendship, society, conversation, or privileges, as in His friends ostracized him after the scandal broke. Even after this skirmish, Democrats are unlike...

Other One-Word Adjectives

Adjectives became a recognized part of speech in the 1700s. They belong to a larger category, which grammarians sometimes use to describe words and groups of words: Adjectives (and adverbs) are called modifiers. Above we saw those little wor...

ought - correct spelling

ought - auxiliary verb (used with to)  Example: He ought to help his staff at night....

ounce - correct spelling

ounce - noun
Example: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” —Benjamin Franklin....

Our chapter title should read…

So our chapter title read like this: “Bad habits will effect your writing.”But now you know: When “effect” acts as a verb, it means “produce” or “result in.” H...

Our chapter title should thus read…

The title of the chapter read: “Here’s the principle reason he flunked the course.”But now you know that “principle” primarily means “rule.” So we fix it like ...

outrageous - correct spelling

outrageous - adjective
Example: His outrageous behavior offended everyone....

overcoat - correct spelling

overcoat - noun
Example: Button up your overcoat, When the wind is free, Take good care of yourself, You belong to me! —DeSylva,...

Overdo vs. Overdue

Ram is advised by his doctor not to overdo bicep exercises because of his fractured arm. ...

Override vs Overwrite

Override Override means to add to or enhance something apart from its existing behaviour. It is used very commonly in programming languages. For example, you have generic procedures and rules that all the employees of ...

overrun - correct spelling

overrun - verb and noun
Example: The looting hordes tried to overrun the country. verb...

Overusing “Like” Threatens Your Career

Consider the Views of the Experts.New Fowler By the mid-20c., however, [the use of like] as an incoherent and prevalent filler had reached the proportions of an epidemic, and...

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