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Frequently Misspelled Words

Welcome to’s list of more than 1,000 frequently misspelled words. They appear in the tables below. Click on a word for an example sentence and any cross-references to the same words listed in Problem Words.

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“A” Words

a lot a while, awhile ability absence absent
abundance accelerate accept acceptable accessible
accident accidentally acclaim accommodate accommodation
accompanied accomplish accordion accumulate accumulation
accuse accustomed ache achieve achievement
acknowledge acquaintance acquainted acquire acquit
acquitted across address addressed adequate
advantage advantageous advertise advertisement advice
advisable advise advisor aerial affect
affectionate aficionado again against aggravate
aggressive agree ail air aisle
ale alight all ready all right alleged
all together almost already alright although
altogether always amateur American among
amount analysis analyze angel angle
annual anoint another answer antiseptic
anxious apartment apologize apology apparatus
apparent appear appearance appetite application
apply appreciate appreciation approach appropriate
approval approve approximate arctic argue
arguing argument arouse arrange arrangement
article artificial ascend assistance assistant
associate association ate atheist athletic
attempt attendance attention audience August
author automobile autumn auxiliary available
avenue awful awhile awkward axle


“B - C” Words

bachelor balance balloon barbecue bargain
basic basically beautiful because become
before beggar beginning being belief
believable believe beneficial benefit benefited
between bicycle bight biscuit bite
board bored borrow bottle bottom
bough bought boundaries boundary brake
breadth breath breathe brilliant broccoli
brought building bulletin bureau burial
buried bury bushes business byte
Caesar cafeteria calculator calendar camouflage
campaign candidate cantaloupe capital capitol
captain carburetor career careful careless
Caribbean carriage carrying cartilage castle
category ceiling cemetery cents cereal
certain challenge changeable changing characteristic
charity chauvinism chief chili chocolaty
choose chose cigarette circumstance citizen
climbed cloth clothes clothing coarse
coffee coliseum collect collectible college
colonel column comedy comfortable coming
commemorate commission commitment committed committee
communicate company comparative compel competent
competition completely complement compliment conceal
concede conceit conceited conceivable conceive
concentration conception condemn condescend condition
conference confident congratulate congratulations connoisseur
conquer conscience conscientious conscious consensus
consequence consequently considerable consistency consistent
continual continuous controlled controversial controversy
convenience convenient conversation coolly corporal
correlate correspondence corroborate cough could
council counsel counselor courage courageous
course courteous courtesy criticism criticize
crystal curiosity cylinder


“D - E” Words

daily daiquiri Dalmatian daughter daybreak
death debt deceive December decent
deception decide decision decisive deed
defendant deferred definite definitely definition
definitive delicious dependent deposit derelict
descend descent describe description desert
desiccate desirable despair desperate dessert
destruction determine deterrence develop development
device devise dictator dictionary died
difference different dilemma dining dinner
direction disappear disappearance disappoint disappointment
disapproval disapprove disastrous discipline discover
discriminate disease dispensable dissatisfied dissection
dissipate distance distinction division doctor
dollar dominant doubt dough doughty
dozen drunkenness dumbbell dyed earnest
easily easy ecstasy ecstatic education
effect efficiency efficient eight eighth
either eligibility eligible eliminate email
embarrass embarrassment embezzle embezzler emergency
emperor emphasis emphasize enclosure encouragement
encouraging endeavor enemy engineer English
enormous enough entirely entrance entrepreneur
envelop envelope environment equipment equipped
equivalent err especially essential evening
evident ewe exaggerate exaggeration examine
exceed excellence excellent except exceptional
exercise exhaust exhausted exhaustion exhilarate
exhilaration existence existent exorbitant expense
experience experiment explanation extreme extremely


“F - G” Words

facility facsimile factory fallacious fallacy
familiar farther fascinate fascinating fatigue
feasible feat February feet fiat
fictitious fiery finally financial financially
financier flabbergast flight flotation flourish
fluorescent forcibly forego forehead foreign
foresee forfeit forgo formal former
formerly fortunate forty fought fourteen
fourth frequent friend fright frightening
fuelling fulfill fundamental fundamentally further
gallon garden gardener gauge general
generally genius gnat gnaw government
governor grammar grateful great grievance
grievous grocery gross guarantee guardian
guerrilla guess guidance guttural


“H - I” Words

half hammer handkerchief handfuls handsful
happily happiness harass healthy hear
heard heavy height heinous heir
hemorrhage here heroes heroine hesitancy
hideous himself hindrance hoarse holiday
homepage hopeless hoping horrific hors d'oeuvre
hospital humorous hurried hurrying hygiene
hypocrisy hypocrite ideally idiosyncrasy ignorance
imaginary imbecile imitate imitation immediately
immigrant implement inadvertent incidental incidentally
increase incredible independence independent indicted
indispensable inevitable influence influential information
ingenious ingenuous initiate innocence inoculate
inquiry insistent instead instinct insurance
integrity intellectual intelligence intercede interest
interfere interference interpreted interrupt introduce
invitation irascible irrelevant irresistible irritable
island isle it’s its itself


“J - M” Words

January jealous jealousy journal judgment
judicial kindergarten kitchen knee knew
knickers knife knit knock know
knowledge knuckle labor laboratory laid
language later latter laugh led
legitimate leisure length lesson liaison
library license lieutenant light lightening
lightning likelihood likely liquefy listen
literal literature livelihood loaf loneliness
loose lose losing lovely loyal
loyalty luxury magazine maintain maintenance
manageable maneuver manufacture marriage married
marry marshmallow match material mathematics
measure medicine medieval memento might
millennium million millionaire miniature minimum
minuscule minutes minutia miracle miscellaneous
mischief mischievous misogyny missile misspell
misspelled mistake momentous monkey monotonous
moral morale mortgage mosquito mosquitoes
mountain mournful murmur muscle mysterious


“N - P” Words

narrative natural naturally nauseated nauseous
necessary necessity needle negligence neighbor
neither neutron newspaper newsstand nickel
niece night ninety ninth no one
noticeable nowadays nuisance obedience obedient
obstacle occasion occasional occasionally occur
occurred occurrence ocean official omission
omit omitted once online, on-line operate
opinion opponent opportune opportunity oppression
optimism optimist optimistic orchestra ordinarily
origin original oscillate ought ounce
outrageous overcoat overrun paid pamphlet
panicky parallel parallelism parliament particular
partner pastime patience pavilion peace
peaceable pear peculiar pencil penetrate
peninsula people perceive perception perfect
perform performance perhaps permanence permanent
permissible permitted perpendicular perseverance persevere
persistence persistent personal personality personnel
perspiration persuade persuasion pertain pharaoh
physical physician picture piece pigeon
pilgrimage pistachio pitiful plagiarize plain
plane planning playwright pleasant please
pleasure plenitude plight pneumonia pocket
poinsettia poison policeman political population
portray portrayal positive possess possession
possessive possibility possible potato potatoes
practical practically prairie precede precedence
preceding precise predictable prefer preference
preferential preferred prejudice preparation prepare
prescription presence president presumptuous prevalent
primitive principal principle printout privilege
probably procedure proceed produce profession
professional professor profitable prominent promise
pronounce pronunciation propaganda propagate propeller
prophecy prophet prospect psychiatrist psychology
publicly puerile pursue pursuit


“Q - S” Words

quality quantity quarantine quarreling quart
quarter questionnaire quiet quite quizzes
raise raspberry realistic realistically realize
really reason rebellion recede receipt
receive recipe recognize recommend recuperate
reference referred referring refrigerator rehearsal
reign relevant relieve relieving religious
remedy remembrance reminisce reminiscence rendezvous
renovate renowned repetition representative resemblance
reservoir resistance resource respectability responsibility
restaurant rheumatism rhythm rhythmical ridiculous
right role roll roommate rough
sacrifice sacrilegious safety salary sandal
sandwich satellite Saturday savvy scarcely
scary scene scenery scents schedule
science scientific scissors season secede
secretary seen seize seminar sense
sensible sentence separate separation septuagenarian
sergeant service several severely shepherd
sheriff shining shinning shish kebab should
shoulder shriek siege sight signal
significance significant similar similarity simile
simply simultaneous sincerely site skiing
soften solemn solider sophomore sorcerer
soul source souvenir special specifically
specified specimen speech sponsor spontaneous
stationary stationery statue statute stomach
straight strategy strength strenuous stretch
striking stubbornness studying subordinate subpoena
substantial subtle succeed success successful
succession sudden sufficient superintendent supersede
suppress surely surprise surround susceptible
suspense suspicious sweat syllable symmetrical
sympathy synonym synonymous


“T - Z” Words

tangible tariff technical technique temperament
temperamental temperature tenant tendency tenement
tenet their themselves theories there
therefor therefore they're thorough though
thought threshold through tight title
together tomorrow tongue too tough
tournament toward towards tragedy transferred
transferring treasury tremendous tries truly
twelfth twelve tyranny ukulele unanimous
undoubtedly unforgettable unique unnecessary until
usable usage useful usual usually
utilization vacuum valley valuable variety
vegetable vein vengeance versatile vicinity
vicious view vigilant village villain
violence virtue visible vision visitor
voice volume waist warrant warrior
weak weal wear weather website
Wednesday week weigh weird wheel
wherever whether which while whole
wholly whose withdrawal woman women
worthwhile would wrap wretched wrinkle
write writing xylophone yacht yield
young your you're Zeitgeist
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