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Adviser vs. Advisor
Are you a student who needs academic guidance about your future studies? You will be advised to visit the academic adviser. Or is it adadvisor? Does it confuse you which advisor to go when you need c…
advisor - correct spelling
advisor noun
Example: Take this matter to your advisor.
Frequently Misspelled Words
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Moat vs. Mote
There are millions of tiny dust motes in the air. He fell in the moat around the castle. Consider the two sentences above and try to figure out what moat and mote mean from their respective sentences…
4. What Are the Comparative and Superlative Forms?
Recall in the section on adjectives that we can show various degrees of the descriptive qualities of adjectives: hot plate (positive) hotter plate (comparative)
Counsel vs. Council
The pronunciations of “counsel” and “council” are almost identical, and this is the reason why they are so often confused. But despite their similarity, they have distinct meanings and should be used…
counsel - correct spelling
counsel noun and verb
Not council.’s section on Problem Words discusses council and counsel. Click here for that discussion.
Example: Please hee…

Grammar of a language is composed of many components that’s together are responsible for the formation of that language. Likewise, English grammar is also a very vast and diverse term which consi…
What Nouns Do
What do nouns do in our language? It’s crucial that you know, for you cannot begin to engage in any kind of grammatical analysis without knowing the roles of all eight parts of speech.
The main ro…
Lay vs. Lie
The words lay and lie are one the most confusing pair of words, which are often mistaken for each other. The words have different spellings, meanings and pronunciations but their very close spellings…
Base vs. Bass
Even though they are correctly pronounced differently, the fact that “base” and “bass” have quite similar spellings often determines some English users to pronounce them almost identically and, conse…
Desert vs. Dessert
I would love to enjoy a cold dessert in a desert. Dessert and desert is the most common pair of words that is confused with each other very often. Both the words rhyme with each other and are very si…
Frequently Asked Questions
A lot or Alot?
A or An?
Accept or Except?
Acronyms and Initialisms?
Active or Passive Verbs?
Affect or Effect?
All Ready or Already?
Allusion or Illusion?
Among or Am…
Future Perfect Tense
Tenses are the main component of English grammar which contribute to the main structure and formation of the language. Tenses make the language sensible and comprehendible for the writers, speakers a…
Perfect Tenses - How to Form
In addition to the three main tenses of present, past, and future, the English language allows us to make three statements about accomplished facts. We use one of the three perfect tenses to show an …
Present Perfect Tense

Are you aware of the term tense? It is a grammatical concept of English language that depends on the verb and decides the time of the action taking place.In today’s article, I will throw light up…
Improve Your Writing & Credibility as a Writer with Proper Grammar
Since we all age and forget the basic grammar rules we learn in grade school, I have provided a short guide on grammar for your review. Also, test yourself when you are giving birth to a masterpiece …
Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume
When it comes to deciding if you should place education before experience or vice versa on your resume, the truth of the matter is that it depends on a number of considerations. Regardless of how you…
Future Indefinite Tense
Tenses hold the pillars of English grammar and keep it standing. Without tenses, English or any other language for that matter cannot exist or make sense. While learning English, it is very important…
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Tenses refer to the part of English grammar that contribute to the formation and structure of each and every sentence. It actually refers to the verb and the time of it occurrence in a specific sente…
To vs. Too
To vs. TooGrammatically, the key difference between “to” and “too” is easy to remember and understand. “To” is a preposition, whereas “too” is an adverb. Short and simple explanations so far! But the…
Future Continuous Tense
Early learners of English language come across tenses and have to master them before moving further with the learning process. Tenses play a very important role in language and hold its grammar and l…
Gaol vs. Jail
As language evolves, some words drop out of common usage or change with the language. This could result in spelling changes, usage changes, or replacement with an entirely new word. This is a frequen…
Phrasal verbs with back
1. Back up Back up someone – to give support to someone. Examples – ·         We had to back her up till her room as she was very tired. ·   …
Neighbor vs. Neighbour
New neighbors just moved in the big white house. Consider this sentence for a moment. Does the word neighbors make you think again that maybe the spellings of neighbor aren’t really like these? Maybe…

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