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lieutenant - correct spelling

lieutenant - noun
Example: The U.S. Navy lieutenant received an award for bravery.Example: The crime boss and his ...

light - correct spelling

light - noun, adjective, and verb
Example: She turned out the light and fell asleep. ...

Light vs. Lite

Light vs. LiteYou might download an app on your phone and see it's the "lite" version. Or you might buy a produ...

Lighted vs. Lit

Sometimes, it might be difficult to identify in which cases we should use a word and which cases require the use of another, yet very similar one. "Lighted" and "Lit" are two words in this situation, which can be easily confused.Read this qui...

lightening - correct spelling

lightening - noun and verb (present participle of the verb lighten)  Example: In late pregnancy, a woman experiences her ...

Lightening vs. Lightning

Standing in front of the pair of words "lightening" and "lightning", you can start questioning whether spelling them differently is mandatory or not. Well, yes it is. It's not a choice, if you spell them differently or not, because their meanings are...

lightning - correct spelling

lightning - noun, verb, and adjective
Example: The flash of lightning struck the ho...

Likeable vs. likable

Both spellings are acceptable in both British and American English, but British English strongly prefers likeable, while American English slightly prefers likable....

likelihood - correct spelling

likelihood - noun
Example: The likelihood of her victory increased each day....

likely - correct spelling

likely - adjective and adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. ...

linking verb

A linking verb is also called a copula or copulative verb. It shows no action. Instead, it links the grammatical subject usually to an adjective, sometimes to a noun...

Linking Verbs

In point of fact, the verb to be is also a linking verb. But I prefer to put be in a category all by itself and then treat linking verbs separately. We learned above that the verb to be can connect a grammatical subject to ...

liquefy - correct spelling

liquefy - verb
Not liquify.Example: You should follow the recipe and liquefy the strawberries....

Liquor vs. Liqueur

Liquor vs. Liqueur: Navigating Distinctions in Alcoholic Beverages Understanding the differences between "liquor" and "liqueur" involves recognizing variations in the types and characteristics of alcoholic beverages. This article aims to ...

List of Adverbs

abnormally absentmindedly ...

List of Homonyms

Note: Some references use the term Homonyms more broadly, to refer to homographs (words spelled the same as each other but pronounced differently) or homophones (words spelled differently but pronounced the same)....

listen - correct spelling

listen - verb
Example: At a railroad crossing, you should stop, look, and listen....

Liter vs. Litre

Have you ever wondered about the spellings of liter? Does writing liter makes you rethink and reconsider how you should spell it for you have come across two types of liter? You are not to be blamed! The word liter exist in two alternative spellin...

literal - correct spelling

literal - adjective’s section on Problem Words discusses literally and figuratively. Click here for t...

literal - vocabulary

Involving or being the strict or primary meaning of the word or words; not figurative; not metaphorical; actual or factual, not exaggerated.Note: Many people use literal when...

Literally vs. Figuratively

They are both adverbs and both used in literary contexts, and this might be one of the reasons why "literally" and "figuratively" are often confused. But it's important that you clearly identify the sense of each word, because their meanings are comp...

literally, figuratively

Many people use literally when they don’t mean it. Presumably, they don’t mean it when they say: “We were literally dead from exhaustion.” They should say: “We felt dead fr...

literature - correct spelling

literature - noun
Example: He preferred American literature....

livelihood - correct spelling

livelihood - noun
Example: The flood threatened the farmer’s livelihood....

Lives vs. Lifes: A Comparison

In this article, I will define these words, compare them, and give examples of the different ways that these words are used in everyday conversation.The word life.The word l-i-f-e is a s...

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