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Modifying an Entire Sentence or Clause
Use of Hopefully to Start a Sentence
This discussion will undoubtedly get some readers’ noses out of joint, because it points out that starting a sentence with th…
Transitive and Intransitive
The trick question we used above to determine whether a verb is transitive will always nail a verb as transitive or intransitive: Can I [verb] somebody or something? If yes, the verb is transitive. I…
15 Baseball Idioms and Metaphors
It is interesting to contemplate how a language grows. For example, let’s look at what the game of baseball contributed to the English language. 
As baseball consolidated its identity, it dev…
6 American Football Expressions
Many expressions from American football have made their way into our everyday speech and we use football expressions without even realizing that we are echoing the language of the football stadium.
21 Gambling Lingo Terms Most Commonly Used In Casinos
Therefore, if you wish to be a proper gambler or know what's going on when someone talks about their success in a recently played poker game, it's essential to understand the specific terminology use…
run-on sentence
A run-on sentence happens when a semicolon is omitted between two independent clauses not joined by a coordinating or correlative conjunction. Sometimes a comma might appear, but that's incorrect pun…
Who, Whom, Whose
Who or Whom?
Amber, Igor, and Miss Hamrick dreamed up that and which when they wanted to refer to inanimate objects and abstractions. But they also dreamed up a set of relative pr…
Run On Sentences
Run on sentences are two sentences combined. They have a comma in between. Everyone has made a run on sentence. The way you can fix that is just put a period in between the two sentences. If you put …
Frequently Asked Questions
A lot or Alot?
A or An?
Accept or Except?
Acronyms and Initialisms?
Active or Passive Verbs?
Affect or Effect?
All Ready or Already?
Allusion or Illusion?
Among or Am…
Base vs. Bass
Even though they are correctly pronounced differently, the fact that “base” and “bass” have quite similar spellings often determines some English users to pronounce them almost identically and, conse…
action verb
An action verb denotes physical, mental, or even emotional activity. The word run is obviously an action verb. But so is think.
Every action verb is either transitive or intransitive. A transitive…
Intransitive Verbs
Verbs Without Objects
Our forbears noticed something else about their growing list of action verbs. Some lacked the ability to pick up a noun all by themselves. They could not ear…
Auxiliary Verbs - Called “Helping Verbs”
Some people refer to auxiliary verbs as helping verbs.
The main verbs we use in the English language break down into the four major verb types:
1. action transitive verbs 2. action intransitive…
1. Personal Pronouns
I, Me, My, Mine, We, Us, Our, Ours, etc.
Let’s start with the personal pronouns, those that take the place of people or other living or once-living beings. Personal pronouns can r…
Counsel vs. Council
The pronunciations of “counsel” and “council” are almost identical, and this is the reason why they are so often confused. But despite their similarity, they have distinct meanings and should be used…
Infinitive Verb
Till now I have written and posted about various forms that a verb can take in sentences of English language. Today I came across another form or type of verb that exist in English language and so I …
Glossary of Grammatical Terms
Here’s the Glossary of Grammatical Terms. Click any word for a complete definition along with examples. acronym, initialism action verb active voice adjective adjectival clause adjectival phrase…
Useful Grammar Tips and Tricks For Copywriters
One thing that can be said about the human race is that nobody is perfect. There are many individuals in the world that have their own set of flaws and have to live with it. However, just because peo…
Indirect Object
A sentence in English language is made up of a subject, a verb and sometimes an object. We all are familiar with what a subject and a verb is, but what is the object. The subject of a sentence is the…
Current vs. Currant
Homophones can be confusing, and in their misuse, hilarity sometimes ensues. If you write that someone was swept away by the currant and you aren’t relating a cautionary tale of drunken misadventure,…
Ability vs. Capability
Ability – Ability to do some task means that you can do it and have done it in the past. Ability determines a person’s skill or level of expertise. In other words, it denotes the quality of being ab…
Four Principal Parts or Forms of Verbs
Drink, Drank, Drunk, Drinking
Main verbs appear in four different forms:
1. infinitive 2. finite 3. present participle 4. past participle
In Miss Hamrick’s class, we learned the principal pa…
Coursework Writing Mistakes and Tips to Avoid them
This article has the goal to show students the most widespread mistakes they often make while writing their coursework. These mistakes are main reasons why you can get bad grades for this scient…
Improve Your Writing & Credibility as a Writer with Proper Grammar
Since we all age and forget the basic grammar rules we learn in grade school, I have provided a short guide on grammar for your review. Also, test yourself when you are giving birth to a masterpiece …
dilemma - correct spelling
dilemma noun
Example: She found herself on the horns of a dilemma.*
* “The original dilemma in rhetoric was a device by which you presented your opponent with two alternatives;…

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