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assiduous - vocabulary

assiduous - adjective
Constant or unremitting activity, as in assiduous exercise; constant in application or effort; diligent or persevering, as in an assiduous medical student. ...

assistance - correct spelling

assistance noun
Example: Let me give you some assistance....

assistant - correct spelling

assistant noun
Example: He served as the CEO’s assistant....

associate - correct spelling

associate noun and verb
Example: She is a new associate with the law firm. noun
Example: ...

association - correct spelling

association noun
Example: This trade association lobbied for the bill....

assuage - vocabulary

assuage - verb
To cause to be less harsh, severe, or violent, usually in reference to appetite, pain, disease, or excitement, as in She assuaged the pain of her terminally ill patient. ...

Assume vs Presume

Assume The verb assume means to take something upon without any proof. Some synonyms are to suppose, or take for granted. Assume can also mean to begin to have some power or huge responsibility. Assume originated from the Lati...

Assume vs. Presume

Content about Assume vs. Presume has been temporarily removed......

Assure vs. Ensure vs. Insure

The heading might give the creeps for if you might ...

astringent - vocabulary

astringent - noun
A substance that contracts canals or tissues in the body; in cosmetics, a substance that cleans the skin and constricts the pores.adjective
Harsh ...

ate - correct spelling

ate verb (past tense of the verb eat)Example: He ate a nutritious breakfast....

atheist - correct spelling

atheist noun
Example: The atheist objected to the Pledge of Allegiance....

athletic - correct spelling

athletic adjective and noun (athletics)Example: He excelled in athletic activities. adjectiv...

attempt - correct spelling

attempt noun and verb
Example: The doctor will attempt to reattach the severed finger. verb

attendance - correct spelling

attendance noun
Example: Your attendance at the writing course will improve your skills....

attention - correct spelling

attention noun
Example: Give the teacher your full attention....

Attorney vs. Lawyer

Content about Attorney vs. Lawyer has been temporarily removed......

audacious - vocabulary

audacious - adjective
Fearless, bold, daring, as in an audacious explorer; extremely original or inventive, as in his audacious vision for improving the tax laws. Th...

audience - correct spelling

audience noun
Example: The audience eagerly awaited the rock star....

augur - vocabulary

augur - verb
Note: Used as either a transitive verb (where the verb requires an object
) or an ...

August - correct spelling

August proper noun
Example: She was born in August....

author - correct spelling

author noun and verb
Example: The author signed books at Barnes & Noble. noun
Example: ...

automobile - correct spelling

automobile noun
Example: Her problems with her automobile prompted her to call Car Talk....

autumn - correct spelling

autumn noun
Example: The oil drilling will begin in the autumn....

auxiliary - correct spelling

auxiliary adjective and noun
Example: Our auxiliary power system helped us survive the storm. adjectiv...

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