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anecdote, antidote

An anecdote is a short story or humorous tale. An antidote is a remedy that counteracts a poison or relieves an ailment.Example: His funny anecdotes provide...

anecdote, antidote - vocabulary

anecdote, antidote anecdote - noun
A brief account of an interesting or even amusing event or incident. When the ladies removed after dinner Elizabeth ran up to her sister, and se...

angel - correct spelling

angel noun
Not angle
.Example: An angel watches over the small baby at night....

angle - correct spelling

angle noun and verb
Not angel
.Example: He parked at an angle...

annual - correct spelling

annual adjective
Example: We need to study General Motors’ annual report....

anoint - correct spelling

anoint verb
Example: The nurse tried to anoint the patient’s sores with a cream. ...

another - correct spelling

another pronoun and adjective
Example: The beer was flat, so he opened another. pronoun...

answer - correct spelling

answer noun and verb
Example: Please send me your answer soon. noun
Example: She had...


A pronoun takes the place of a noun
. When writing, you'll use a pronoun and that pronoun will refer to some noun close by. That noun (the referent) is called the antecedent. The prefix ante...


English seems a pretty simple language at one glance but when you go deeper into it you will realize that th...

Antecedent Word or Antecedent Phrase


Antecedents - Number and Gender

Pronoun AgreementYou must use a plural pronoun to refer to a plural noun, a singular pronoun to refer to a singular noun. This rule is called agreement in number. Thus: The young women...

Antecedents - Placement of Pronouns

Before we discuss the other types of pronouns, let’s pause and discuss the concept of pronoun antecedents.When you use a pronoun, it will typically refer to a word somewhere close by. That is, the noun the pronoun replaces sits somewhere in t...

antediluvian - vocabulary

antediluvian - adjective
Of or pertaining to the times, things, events before the great flood in the days of Noah; something old-fashioned, antiquated, out-of-date. “And is it true th...

Anticipatory Words

In English grammar, various expressions have somewhat different meaning then their exact dict...

antiseptic - correct spelling

antiseptic noun and adjective
Example: To heal the abrasion, the doctor applied an antiseptic. noun...

anxious - correct spelling

anxious adjective
Note: In formal settings, refrain from using anxious to mean eager.Example: The anxious...

Anyone vs. Any one

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between anyone and any one? Consider the sentences bel...

apartment - correct spelling

apartment noun
Example: She rented an expensive apartment in Manhattan....

aphorism - vocabulary

aphorism - noun
A terse saying that embodies a general truth, as in (with apologies to Lord Acton) Power corrupts and Power Point corrupts absolutely.Note: In The World in a Phrase...

apologize - correct spelling

apologize verb
Example: He should apologize to the voters....

Apologize vs. Apologise

If the athlete wants to rejoin the team, he must apologise for his poor attitude. ...

apology - correct spelling

apology noun
Example: He offered his apology for his failure to increase sales....

apostasy, apostate - vocabulary

apostasy, apostate - noun
Apostasy: a total departure from one’s religious, political, or personal beliefs and principles.Apostate: a person who...

Apostrophes Form a Narrow Class of Plurals

Use "apostrophe ‑s" to form plurals only when absolutely necessary. Use just an ‑s (or ‑es) to form the plurals of dates, acronyms, and families: She longed for the 1960s. The inves...

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