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Amiable vs. Amicable

There exists words in English language that appear to be closely related to each other hence people believe that their meanings if not exactly the same, are very much similar to each other. That is most often not the case, and it...

among - correct spelling

among preposition
Example: Relax. You’re among friends.For a discussion of the Problem Words among and between, ...

Among vs. Amongst

Amongst" is obviously formed by adding the suffix "-st" to the preposition "among". But you have probably always seen both of these terms used in the same context, just like they mean the same. Then why are they different? Is there something you didn...

among, between

Entire chapters in grammar books have been devoted to this pair of words.Both words are prepositions
.Some assert that between is used only when referring to two...

amount - correct spelling

amount noun and verb
Example: The federal deficit is a staggering amount. noun
Example: ...

Amount vs. Number

Amount" and "number" both refer to quantity and can be used as nouns and verbs as well. Even so, this doesn't mean that they are synonyms or that they can replace each other anytime. In fact, distinct contexts require a certain word from these two, d...

Amplify, Explain, or Digress

Use parentheses to enclose material that amplifies, explains, or digresses from the central message in the sentence: The disagreement between the president and the treasurer (they had fought over the issue a n...

Amuse vs. Bemuse

You may be confused by the words amused and bemused. They sound so much the same but mean something completely different. This could bemuse some and amuse others. Don’t let it befuddle you because it’s really quite funny. Worry n...

anachronism - vocabulary

anachronism - noun
Anything or anyone not in the correct historical or chronological time; an error in the assignment of a date or time to a person, thing, or event, as in To describe Mozart in the 19...

analysis - correct spelling

analysis noun
The plural is analyses.Example: The board paid attention to our analysis of the...

analyze - correct spelling

analyze verb
Example: You must analyze all options. ...

Analyze vs. Analyse

Analyze vs. Analyse"Analyze" and "analyse" are two other English words confusing people around with their spell...

Anaphoric Reference

The word anaphora is an English word that means the repetition of something. When used in English grammar, a...

anathema - vocabulary

anathema -noun
A person or thing loathed, hated, or detested; a curse or execration, as in This topic is anathema to him.Note: The plural is anathemas. ...


Don’t hesitate to start a sentence with And. It’s a coordinating conjunction, and great writers have been st...

anecdote, antidote

An anecdote is a short story or humorous tale. An antidote is a remedy that counteracts a poison or relieves an ailment.Example: His funny anecdotes provide...

anecdote, antidote - vocabulary

anecdote, antidote anecdote - noun
A brief account of an interesting or even amusing event or incident. When the ladies removed after dinner Elizabeth ran up to her sister, and se...

angel - correct spelling

angel noun
Not angle
.Example: An angel watches over the small baby at night....

Angel vs. Angle

In religion, a messenger of God.A very kind, gentle person.The figure formed by two lines that start at the same point.A way of looking at something.If something is at an angle, it's slo...

angle - correct spelling

angle noun and verb
Not angel
.Example: He parked at an angle...

annual - correct spelling

annual adjective
Example: We need to study General Motors’ annual report....

anoint - correct spelling

anoint verb
Example: The nurse tried to anoint the patient’s sores with a cream. ...

another - correct spelling

another pronoun and adjective
Example: The beer was flat, so he opened another. pronoun...

Another vs. Other

One more of the same kind of thing.A different one.Different; not the same as mentioned.Remaining.More or extra.In the recent past.The rest....

answer - correct spelling

answer noun and verb
Example: Please send me your answer soon. noun
Example: She had...

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