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abjure - vocabulary

abjure - verb
To recant; to repudiate under oath; to disavow a stance previously written or said; to renounce irrevocably. 2. Resolved, That we the citizens of Meckle...

Aboard vs. Abroad

On or into a train, ship, or aircraft.In or to another country....

abominate - vocabulary

abominate - verb
To dislike strongly; to regard with loathing; to execrate. Now is as good a time as ever to revisit the history of the Crusades, or the sorry history of parti...

abrogate - vocabulary

abrogate - verb
To abolish by official means; to annul by an authoritative act; to repeal, as in to abrogate a law; to put an end to. The new crusade to render socialism irrevocab...

absence - correct spelling

absence noun
Example: Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

absent - correct spelling

absent correct spelling of absent adjective
Example: The absent board member submitted her proxy....

Absolute Phrase

You must have heard about phrases. Phrases are a group of words that join together to make a clause. There a...

Absorb vs. Absorbent

To soak up liquid.To take in information.If something absorbs you, it takes up all your attention.Something that soaks up liquid, such as a washcloth, towel, or sponge, is absorbent....

abstemious - vocabulary

abstemious - adjective
A state of self-denial or abstinence, regarding the use (usually overuse) of food or drink. When [Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121–180)] was eleven years old, he ...

abstruse - vocabulary

abstruse - adjective
Having to do with matters difficult to comprehend. My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse crypto...

abundance - correct spelling

abundance noun
Example: We harvested an abundance of corn....

Academic vs. Academy

To do with study and learning.Someone who teaches in a university or college or someone who does research.A private junior high, middle school, or high school.A school that teaches special subjects...

accelerate - correct spelling

accelerate verb
Example: The Lexus accelerates faster than a VW Bug....

accept - correct spelling

accept verb’s section on Problem Words discusses except and accept. Click here for that discussion.Example: ...

Accept vs. Except

To take something that you are offered.To agree to something.Apart from.But for the fact that....

accept, except examples

These two words are actually most likely to be confused in a situation where their meanings are actually the opposite.Accept as a verb means “to receive gladly,” “to be deemed proper...

acceptable - correct spelling

acceptable adjective
Example: She brought an acceptable proposal to the meeting....

Access vs. Excess

Access” and “excess” are often confused due to their spelling similarities. But these words have completely different meanings and must never be used one instead of the other.We have prepared a complete explanation for the meanings of these w...

accessible - correct spelling

accessible adjective
Example: The business built a ramp to make its store accessible to people in wheelchairs....

accident - correct spelling

accident noun
Example: The accident injured the starting wide receiver for the Redskins....

accidentally - correct spelling

accidentally adverb
Not's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. ...

acclaim - correct spelling

acclaim verb or noun
Example: The crowd acclaimed the conquering heroes. verb
Example: ...

accommodate - correct spelling

accommodate verb
Spell with two “c’s” and two “m’s.”Example: We can accommodate your wishes....

accommodation - correct spelling

accommodation noun
Spell with two “c’s” and two “m’s.”Example: The little inn provided warm accommodations for the travelers....

accompanied - correct spelling

accompanied verb, past tense and past participle of accompany.Example: The bodyguard ...

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